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Anchor Strap - Battle Rope Anchor Strap - Anchor Strap with Carabiner Resistance Band

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About Anchor Strap

These battle rope anchor strap is durable, stitched nylon and is here to help you. You will  get the most out of your battle rope, resistance band, or other exercise equipment with it's help.

You can swiftly and easily secure it to a pole, bar, or another similar anchor point. After which you simply loop your fighting rope through and you're ready to go.

Battle rope anchor strap

Anchor That is Portable & Prolong Longevity:

These Anchor Strap are great for keeping your battle rope whenever and wherever you need to. You may use it to make rope anchors out of fence posts, railings, or even trees!
This balltling rope anchor kit has the advantage of reducing rope wear and tear and extending the life of your rope. During training, battle rope can sustain abrasions from direct contact with solid objects or abrasive ground. 

Enhance Your Workout:

The Anchor Strap can help you get the most out of your battle rope. Routines involving these straps and a combat rope are excellent for focusing on core strength and also cardio-based workout.

Simple to Install:

Secure one end to your anchor point and the other to the center of your battle rope, and you're good to go.

The straps also have a carabiner that can be used to join the two for a longer strap or to connect to a hook or loop anchor. The straps also lessen the wear and tear on your battle rope by taking on some of the strain, allowing you to extend the rope's lifespan.

Specifications and features of Battle Rope Anchor Strap

  • Longer straps prevent rope slip.
  • Constructed from thick polypropylene webbing.
  • Carabiner made of a heavy-duty steel alloy.
  • Withstands the toughest exercises.
  • Design with Low Weight for Portability.

    Customer Reviews

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    Battle Ropes anchor strap.

    These are what I bought to mount on a power rack for battle rope attachments. After daily use for more than two months, the strap is quite durable and shows no indications of wear. excellent value for the money