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Archery Kits for Beginners - 6" Mini Compound Bow Arrows Set Archery Toy Gift Kids Shooting Target Pocket Bow

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About Archery Kits for Beginners

The 6" mini archery kits for beginners is a compact and lightweight archery toy designed for kids as a recreational shooting activity.  Therefore, you can use it for target practice and can have fun introduction to the sport of archery.

Features of This Item: 

Compact Size Archery Kits for Beginners:

The bow set is small and lightweight, making it suitable for children. It typically measures around 6 inches in length, allowing for easy handling and maneuverability.

Archery Kits for Beginners

Design of Archery Kits for Beginners

The archery kits for beginners is the mini Archery of the design of a real compound bow. Featuring two cams or wheels at the ends of the limbs. While it may resemble a compound bow, it's important to note that it lacks the power and functionality of a full-sized compound bow.

Arrow Set:

The set usually includes some arrows specifically designed for use with the mini compound bow. These arrows are shorter in length and made of lightweight materials. Such as plastic or foam, ensuring safe and controlled shooting.

Shooting Targets:

Some sets may come with shooting targets, allowing kids to practice their aim and accuracy. These targets can be made of foam or other soft materials to ensure safety during shooting.

Safety Considerations:

As with any archery-related activity, safety is of utmost importance. Adult supervision is recommended when children are using the mini compound bow. It's essential to ensure a safe shooting environment, with appropriate backstops and no risk of arrows causing harm to people or property.

Recreational Use:

The 6" archery kits for beginners are primarily intended for recreational use and should not be confused with professional or competitive archery equipment. It offers a fun and engaging way for kids to learn basic archery skills, hand-eye coordination, and focus.

Gift Idea:

The mini compound bow set can be a popular gift choice for young archery enthusiasts or those interested in outdoor activities. Furthermore, it provides a safe and enjoyable introduction to the sport and you can use in the backyard or other suitable shooting areas.

Why To Buy?

  • Active Play toy for kids
  • It helps to increase focus
  • Very effective item for leisure and fun activity
  • Top Notch building quality
  • Premium User Friendly Materials

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Well worth the money

My little kid had more fun with this light-up bow and arrow. It's quick to set up, robust, and excellent for youngsters. Excellent for those new to archery. This will make an effort to support young children's hand-eye coordination. Well worth the cash!

Md Knott

I was concerned that this would be a crudely produced Christmas present for my spouse, but this small item is AMAZING! I couldn't wait to open it and he loves it so much that I'm going to buy more for all the males I know!


It came with everything you needed to get started. Stylish bow that outperforms expectations. Excellent value for money.

Has been perfect for the money.

My son has outgrown his children's bow after wearing it for a year. This is a terrific beginner level bow with all of the same attachments as my compound bow, and my son adores it. The trigger release is a shambles, but for the price, you could easily acquire a better one for your child, which I highly recommend because the release that comes with this bow occasionally releases on draw without pushing the trigger. Overall, it's a good buy.