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Barbell Pad for Squats - Neck & Shoulder Protective Pad Hip

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About Barbell Pad for Squats:

A good Barbell Pad for Squats  that gives the most comfort might occasionally amount to more weight for squats (or other training exercises). This is especially critical when you progress from novice to professional. An excellent hip thrust machine (glute bridge device) to use in any exercise program. 

Features of this item:

It is incredibly sturdy and secures due to the Velcro straps. They firmly keep the barbell cover pad in place and you can tighten depending on the size of the bar. It allows you to do the hardest squats in comfort. As it distributes weight and relieving unpleasant strain on your neck, shoulders, and hips.

Size and Design of Barbell Pad for Squats: 

The Barbell Pad for Squats a contoured foam support sleeve to suit standard barbells up to 28mm/1″ diameter 46cm length x 9cm thickness – 3.2cm thick foam protection on the contoured area of the pad.
Protect your neck from pain and discomfort during squats and lunges, and your hips from injury during hip thrusts.

Barbell Pad

Safety :

  • The Barbell Pad for Squats  guarantee that our squat pad is snugly wrapped around the bar at all times.
  • More comfort for hip thrusts and a much safer workout with large weights.
  • The ergonomic curve properly fits the neck to reduce tension from the neck and back, boosting comfort while supporting heavier weights. 
  • With this excellent gym gear, you are safe and ready to hit the gym.
  • Exclusively created to give superior support to relieve the pressure that might cause chronic pains in the neck, shoulders, upper back, and hips.

Multiple Workouts:

  • It is used for a variety of workouts with a conventional or Olympic barbell, including squats, hip thrusts, and lunges.
  • Our barbell pad is of high quality and will last a long time. It is also uper lightweight, excellent for carrying to the gym without adding extra weight to your gym bag.
  • The design is lightweight, making it ideal for carrying gym bags. It’s simple to put on and take off, yet it stays in place during exercises.

Securing Straps Included:

The most common issue about utilizing a pad is that it affects stability while lifting. You may enjoy comfort without losing stability with our unique, high-density foam! It has locking straps and exactly the appropriate amount of giving to feel comfortable on you without being too spongy to compromise performance. Lift more weight, more frequently, and you’ll get better results!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
perfect tool for hip thrust.

I got several bruises before, but now hip thrust has become enjoyable. as i am using heavier weight so it came to me as rescuer. 👌

Comfortable and Long-Lasting

I've been using the Barbell Pad for Squats for a while now, and I'm impressed with how comfortable and long-lasting it is. My rigorous training sessions have not damaged it, and the cushioning hasn't flattened out or lost its shape. I wholeheartedly endorse this product to anyone looking for a sturdy and comfortable squat pad.

The Best Investment for Secure Squats!

The Barbell Pad for Squats has completely changed my fitness experience. In order to concentrate on my form and technique during hard squats, it has given me essential neck and shoulder protection. Anybody looking to improve their squat technique should definitely check out this product, in my opinion!

Benedict Donovan
The Best Investment for Safe Squats

It has provided me with the necessary neck and shoulder protection during heavy squats, allowing me to focus on my form and technique. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to take their squat game to the next level!

Excellent Value for Squat Barbell Pads

For the price, this Barbell Pad for Squats offers excellent value. My leg exercises are now more fun because it is sturdy and fits the majority of barbells. highly advisable