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Medical Stethoscopes - EMT Dual Head for Medical Student Health Care Pro Doctor Nurse Vet

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About Medical Stethoscopes

Medical Stethoscopes are a versatile and essential tool for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and medical students. 

doctor stethoscope


Notable Features -

  • Dual Headed Stethoscope
  • Ability to Choose the Tow Head by Rotating the Convertible Axis
  • includes a diaphragm and a huge, non-chilling bell.
  • Latex-Free
  • Chrome-Plated Binaural Metal
  • Ideal for Use in Clinics, Schools, Hospitals, and Homes
  • Supplied with 580 mm length vinyl Y tubing and moulded plastic ear tips
  • Overall Length Approximately 80cms

Key Features Of Medical Stethoscopes

Dual-head Design: 

The dual-head chestpiece of the stethoscope consists of a bell and a diaphragm on opposite sides. In addition, The diaphragm side is utilized for high-frequency sounds like blood pressure readings and lung noises, while the bell side is used for low-frequency sounds like heart murmur detection.


There are several medical applications for the EMT dual-head stethoscope. Moreover, It is frequently utilized in a range of healthcare environments, including clinics, emergency rooms, hospitals, and veterinary offices. Because of its adaptability, healthcare practitioners often choose it.

Acoustic Performance:

Stethoscope EMT Dual Head that has the superior acoustic performance to guarantee precise and also unambiguous sound transmission.  Furthermore, Chest pieces and tubing on high-quality stethoscopes are frequently expertly designed to reduce noise and improve auscultation.

stethoscope uk

Comfort and Fit Medical Stethoscopes:

So, Think about stethoscopes with gentle ear tips and adjustable headset tension. These characteristics lessen strain after extended use and enable a comfortable fit. A properly fitting stethoscope reduces background noise and maximizes sound transmission.


However, select a stethoscope that can survive repeated usage and possible hard handling by choosing one composed of sturdy materials. Robust design and premium tubing increase the likelihood of stethoscopes withstanding wear and tear and providing long-lasting performance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tania Hernandez
These work very, very good

I bought these to hear the heartbeats of my pregnant boxers puppies inside her and they work very well. You can hear real real good and for the price they are a very good deal. Thanks.


Great product not expensive, doing its recommended job well

Good stethoscope!

I got the light pink one, has great sound, is lightweight, and the color is very nice! Got it for nursing school clinicals/skills labs.

So cute and works really well!

I was honestly skeptical because of the price, but these work so well. I love the colour and the sound quality, the length and the comfortability of the ear pieces. I get compliments on it constantly at work.