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Peanut Massage Roller
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Peanut Back Roller
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Peanut Back Roller - Peanut Shape Yoga Spikey Massage Gym Balls Spiky Therapy Ball Roller

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About Peanut Back Roller

People with flat feet are also common. The condition is brought on by extreme physical weakness or prolonged bed rest, and as a result, the ligaments that support the foot's arch gradually relax, making it impossible to keep the arch in place and causing the foot's cheekbone to sink and the muscles on the sole of the foot to tire.

Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis:

The plantar fascia (a strong, fibrous band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot and has attachments to the heel bone and the base of the toes) can become torn, overly stretched, or inflamed.

Peanut Back Roller

Purpose :

Using the Chifit foot rehab unit to increase foot mobility relief from plantar fasciitis, Shiatsu massage, sore feet, and heel and arch discomfort

Easy to Use:

Simply rest against a wall or the floor with the peanut back roller massage ball to relieve stress and tension in your muscles and to promote blood and oxygen flow, which will improve your range of motion and circulation.

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Customer Reviews

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Backyard Bliss Bestowed by Ball’s Bumpy Brilliance

Boundless bliss beckons behind this ball’s bumpy brilliance! Persistent posterior pestilence positively pulverized mid play.

Remorseless Relief for Recalcitrant Regions

Rowdy rascals roiled rod-like regions ruthlessly for risible rotations recently. Resplendent relief rewarded!

Pain-Vanquishing Peanut Performance Proven

Party pooping pesky pain, peanut’s simply superb! Prodding peaks potentially pummel plaguing pressures prompting previous anguish.

Strain-Relieving Roller: Back Blessing Bestowed

Bless backward bliss, the ball’s bodacious barbs beautifully blessedly buffeted brutalized backside. Persistent posterior pains are positively pulverized in placeholder periods!

Sore No More - Spiked Relief Revolutionized Recovery

Having wrestled with lingering lumbar lamentations, this spiky peanut proved panacea phenomenal! Mere minutes milling mangled muscles melted miseries.