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Plaster for Pimples - Acne Pimple Healing Patch - Absorbing Cover, Invisible, Blemish Spot, Hydrocolloid, Skin Treatment

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About Plaster for Pimples

High-grade Hydrocolloid: 

Stick straight to the skin to extract any pus and debris at the source.

Date of Manufacturing :

The date on the package's back is the date of manufacture, not the date of expiration.


invisible, so you can wear the patches in the sun with assurance.

Strong Adhesive:

Works even on those annoying, pre-existing pimples! The Healing Patch will flatten, relax, and soothe your skin.

Two sizes and a total of 24 patches are included in each bundle.

Dry and purify the skin after cleansing the affected area. Active acne and whiteheads are the best candidates for true invisible spot treatments.

Place the patch over the damaged region and gently press it in place. Put pressure on it for three seconds to secure.

In 4 to 8 hours, the patch should turn white. Remove and discard the patch. Wet the area.

As an added bonus, use Real Spot Corrector Cream to help discolorations disappear.

Plaster for Pimples

The Acne Patch: What is it?

The Acne Patch is an upscale, incredibly thin, transparent hydrocolloid patch made to extract impurities from your pimple. Suitable for all skin types, this moisture-drawing patch helps remove fluid from your pimple.

Why Is It There?

Hydrocolloid Plaster for Pimples can help you now. Nothing extra that could irritate your skin is present. There's only one active ingredient, no flavours or fragrances!

How Does a Plaster for Pimples Function?

Stretchy and gummy, hydrocolloid draws fluid out of the zit while retaining the moisture in the skin around it. This is crucial for hastening the healing process of zits. When applied correctly and in the ideal circumstances, they are extremely potent.

How Come the Acne Patch? 

Strong adhesive qualities guarantee it sticks where it's supposed to, making it transparent and incredibly thin.

absorbs whitehead fluid gently and speeds up the healing process. They provide a line of defence against infections and irritants.

They fully enclose your zit, hastening its healing process and preventing scarring. They are suitable for all ages and genders and adjust well to different skin tones.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

It nicely work to cover the acne keeping bacteria from spreading and causing more acne. They are fairly waterproof- wore in the shower to test.