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Portable 660 RTK - Real Time Kinematic Instrument for Surveying GPS Equipment

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About Portable 660 RTK:

After fulfilling the demand in Germany, USA, Canada , Australia and most of the developed country in Asia Portable RTK 660 is here for you. One-stop solution for high precision data.

Characterstics of This Device:

Portable 660 RTK is a handheld RTK positioning terminal with built-in 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth and CORS services.

It adopts high-precision RTK module and supports 16 frequency signal reception of satellite navigation systems such as GPS, Beidou, Galileo and QZSS.

In Addition, RTK fixed solution The state positioning accuracy can reach 1 cm, which is suitable for precise measurement occasions.

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The 660 RTK also has sensors such as a barometric thermometer, a three-axis electronic compass, and a three-axis accelerometer, which are suitable for outdoor sports such as hiking, paragliding, and also parachuting.

Portable 660 RTK actively helps industrial applications, with functions such as picking points and also finding points, sharing AB points, topographic measurement, grid tree planting, spot measurement area etc. 

Built-in hundreds of coordinate systems such as WGS84, Beijing 54, Xi'an 80, UTM, MGRS, 660RTK etc.

It also supports setting three sets of custom coordinate systems at the same time.

Features Of Portable 660 RTK:

  • The 660 RTK is a cutting-edge satellite receiver module designed specifically for portable measurement applications.  In addition, With its advanced features, this module enables accurate positioning measurements on the go.
  • One of the standout features of the 660 RTK is its integrated display screen.
  • And also this screen provides real-time information on the position as well as horizontal and vertical measurement errors during FIXED measurement operations.
  • Furthermore, this instant feedback allows for quick assessment and adjustments, ensuring precise data collection.
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  • In terms of coordinate systems, the 660 RTK comes equipped with built-in support for WGS84, UTM, MGRS, and other commonly used systems.
  • With its portable design, powerful capabilities, and comprehensive coordinate system support, the 660 RTK is a reliable companion for professionals in need of accurate and efficient measurement solutions.
  • Choose the 660 RTK and unlock a new level of measurement accuracy and convenience for your industrial applications.


gps for surveying
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Why You Need This Item:

  • The Portable 660 RTK is a handheld RTK terminal designed for users who require high positioning accuracy and portability.
  • It has high positioning accuracy, small size and weight, and is easy to use.
  • The GNSS chip supports GPS, Beidou, and Glonass three satellite navigation system signal reception, and the positioning error is 1~2 cm.
  • It comes with several sensors including a barometer, thermometer, three-axis electronic compass, and three-axis accelerometer to identify location and environmental index.
  • The waypoints can be viewed through the browser and mobile app, and the collected waypoint track data can be passed through the mobile phone.
  • The network is backed up to the background server for permanent storage.
  • It can record 3000 waypoints in GPX format, 10000 points for each track, 1000 points for each route, and 200 area records.
  • Waypoints, tracks, and routes can all be exported to CSV spreadsheet file format.
  • It has built-in hundreds of coordinate systems such as WGS84, Beijing 54, Xi'an 80, UTM, MGRS, etc., and supports setting three sets of custom coordinate systems at the same time
  • It can display multiple coordinates on the same screen and supports conversion parameter calculation of Beijing 54 and Xi'an 80.
  • It supports a variety of map formats, such as Google Map road maps, topographic maps, satellite photos, MBTiles format, etc.
  •  It has rich and easy-to-use measurement functions, including area, curve length, horizontal distance, slope distance, height difference, slope, angle, etc.
  • Its industry application optimization design makes it convenient for industry users to use.
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Functions of Portable 660 RTK :

Stake out: Marking and finding farmland outlet stakes

Shared AB Point : Provide AB point coordinate data to tractor autopilot

Area Length: Enclosed area, dotted area and other area length measurement methods

Elevation Analysis : Collect and analyze terrain heights and estimate land leveling effort

File format: GPX format, exportable to CSV, CAD file formats

Waypoint File: GPX format, exportable to CSV, CAD file formats

Track File: 10,000 points per entry, unlimited number of files

Route File: 1000 points per entry, unlimited number of files

Area File: Up to 200 measurement records can be saved

Map Format: Support MBTiles, RUN.GPS Atlas offline maps

Multiple Coordinates: Display 3 kinds of coordinates on the same screen, easy to compare data

Coordinate System: More than 100 predefined and custom coordinate systems around the world such as WGS84, Beijing 54, Xi'an 80, National 2000, UTM, MGRS, etc.

Parameter Estimation: Support Beijing 54, Xi'an 80 conversion parameter calculation

Waypoint Icon: Allow users to customize waypoint icons

Bluetooth Transmission:Support for Bluetooth file sharing and use with GNSS

You can purchase Portable 660 RTK for yourself or your office or team for mountaining & surveying.

Bulk Order is also available. 

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