Weight Lifting Tricep Bar
Tricep Weight Lifting Bar
Weight Lifting Tricep Bar
Tricep Weight Bar
Tricep Weight Bar UK
Tricep Bar Curls
Tricep Bar Curls UK
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Weight Lifting Tricep Bar - Spinlock Fitness Grip Bicep Hammer Curl Dumbbells

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About Weight Lifting Tricep Bar 


Weight Lifting Tricep Bar, The chrome-plated surface of the triceps rod is strong and resistant to deformation. The Bar is composed of heavy-duty solid steel, providing increased durability.

Weight Lifting Tricep Bar


During exercise, the knurled handle with a fixed inner ring offers a firmer grip. The patterned rod makes perfect contact with your hand. Enabling you to acquire a strong grip that is non-slip and firm and lowers your risk of injury.

Keep Stable with Weight Lifting Tricep Bar

You can securely fasten two rotation locks on the ends of this triceps bar to keep your weight steady as you exercise.

Excellent Design Weight Lifting Tricep Bar:

We have ergonomically created the triceps barbell to support a lot of weight, making it ideal for both men and women.

Long Term Use:

The goal of the triceps barbell is to improve triceps strength and muscle tone. The elbow, wrist, or forearm won't feel uncomfortable even after prolonged use.

Compatible with Standard Weight Plates:

The Tricep Bar is designed to be compatible with standard weight plates. Making it convenient if you already own or plan to use these types of plates in your workouts.

Ideal for Home or Commercial Gyms:

This tricep bar is a valuable addition to any home or commercial gym setup. Its compact size and versatility make it suitable for various workout spaces.


  • Fit for Weight plates hole diameter: 2.5-3cm
  • Bar diameter: 2.5cm
  • Length: about 86 CM

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Specialty Bar!

I'm happy I bought a tricep bar for my home gym after using one at a box gym in the past. The exercises are a little more varied thanks to this addition, which is beneficial if your main weightlifting activity involves free weights. You can locate a few websites that offer lifting suggestions using this bar by searching Google for a short while. I'm really happy I bought it, and I think the quality is fine and there's nothing to worry about.