How To Use Figure 8 Straps

How To Use Figure 8 Straps!

How To Use Figure 8 Straps!

Weight lifting is a popular and widely used piece of gym equipment in the modern era. It is widely used by both professional and recreational users who find it difficult to lift weights with their hands without the use of straps. In order to keep your wrists unharmed and secured, there must be lifting straps. This article will go over How to Use Figure 8 Straps.

And it protects users from having their hands and wrists become unstable. Figure 8 lifting straps are the solution for those who work out and go to the gym with weight lifting. Many users out there want to know and verify how to use figure-eight straps properly.

Gaining a firm grip when lifting heavy objects is more difficult due to the strain on your wrists and arms. When it comes to the end of the training season, you can find it more difficult to have control over your weight and body as well.


How To Use Figure 8 Straps


What Is Figure 8 Straps? 

Do you want to know what figure-eight straps are in detail first? Here you go! The name "figure-eight" straps comes from the shape of the straps. Because it looks like the number "8." It is also referred to as "double-loop straps." You can do so by slipping your hand into the top loop.

It enables you to wrap your hand around the exercise bar while moving. And finally, it helps you make a firm grasp by using its remaining lower portion so that you do not feel shallow and uncomfortable. By doing this, you'll be able to maintain constant control and connection with the weight you are lifting.

Figure 8 lifting straps provide additional and necessary support for your wrists to help you handle heavier loads than your lower extremities are capable of supporting. It provides additional and necessary support for your wrists to help you handle heavier loads than your body is capable of supporting.


How To Use Figure 8 Straps

How To Use Figure 8 Straps Step By Step 

As figure-eight straps are widely used by a huge number of people around the world, users should know about the proper use of them. Let me discuss and clarify the use of figure-eight straps step by step. You can follow them to make your next move with your straps.

  1. To begin, insert one of your fingers from either your left or right hand into one of the side loops.
  2. Get the remaining straps from the opposite side of the bar.
  3. Secondly, go beneath the bar with the strap that is already in your hand and raise the loop on the other side of the bar.
  4. The strap should be twisted in the direction of the bar if it is still too loose.
  5. You have to continue to hold your tension upward.
  6. Take hold of the bar with your straps from the inside portion of the figure 8 straps. 
  7. You should carefully select your straps position and should place your hand according to your selected area on the bar. 
  8. Finally, hold your exercise bar while confirming the tight straps. 

This is how you can use your figure 8 straps. Please avoid gripping the strap to avoid affecting your grip. 


What Are The Benefits of Figure 8 Straps?  

What are the benefits of figure-8 straps? How do they help you, and why should you use them? The answers are in its use. There are some significant benefits you can get from using figure-8 straps. You can add more pounds if you want while lifting your weight. It is more easy and comfortable than the traditional one.

Besides, figure-eight straps are faster and hassle-free to wear, whereas the traditional one takes more time and is difficult. It protects you from feeling unstable in your wrist and ensures its stability. It takes less tension from your body and muscles to reduce the risk of damage.

After all, the most important thing is that these figure-eight straps are comparatively more secure for the users. So, any type of user, like beginners or professionals, can rely on these straps easily. Your training or workout can be deliberately enhanced in a number of ways by using figure-eight lifting straps.

If you are conscious and want your wrist not to be harmed, you can uplift your traditional straps to figure-eight straps. If you are thinking about buying, then you can check out our product, Wrist Straps for Weightlifting. You can also visit our website and place orders for your favorite workout products.

How To Use Figure 8 Straps


There are several types of lifting straps, and users do find them according to their weight and body strength. It’ll be best for you if you take some time and do research on your requirements before finally selecting them. If you are going to increase weight on the bar, then figure-eight straps are a must for your safety.

Despite the fact that figure-8 straps are used by professionals, their popularity has spread to personal use. Hopefully, this article will help you understand how to use figure-eight straps and what the benefits of doing so are.


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