Scalp Massage Hair Growth

Scalp Massage Hair Growth Before And After!

Scalp massage is becoming a more popular therapy option for those who are experiencing either massive or comparatively less hair loss. It is simple, efficient, has no adverse result, and may be used in conjunction with any alternative form of therapy. 

It may not be the most efficient method for promoting hair growth, scalp massage has a number of advantages, and there is a quiet little possibility that you will repent getting one. If you are looking for something to read about the scalp massage hair growth before and after then you are in the right place. 

What Is Scalp Massage? 

Scalp massage is simple. It can be manually or with the assistance of any gadget. You can carry it out using your hands or certain tools or even by others. These might be straightforward plastic aids or sophisticated electronic equipment.

A scalp massage is easily comparable to other massage that you could have in other body parts of yours. A regular scalp massage is often performed more delicately. 

scalp massage hair growth before and after

Scalp Massage Hair Growth Before And After Full Guideline

There are several ways of scalp massages there. The advantages of scalp massages have not been the subject of huge extensive or varied investigations. Additionally, the available data does not support the claim that scalp massages promote hair development over night. But it is also not proved that it doesn't function. In fact, the method may help to promote thicker, stronger hair. 

  1. Using Finger: Traditional Way 

  • It is the traditional way to massage your scalp. With an average or lower pressure, you can massage your scalp by using fingertips of your both hands. 
  • You have to cover the whole scalp every here and there in a circle motion. You can perform it with or without hair. 
  • On an average 5 to 10 minutes massage per day and if possible 2 times a day is the best version of it to get any positive outcome. 
  1. During Washing Hair 

While washing your hair, you can also get a short scalp massage there. Try to rub your scalp gently with your fingertip while having shampoo and conditioner. You can do it every time you are having shampoo. 

scalp massage hair growth before and after

  1. Massage Tools 

There are various massage tools for the scalp massage available like body massager. They can give you a smooth and relaxing scalp massage. Similar to how you would use your fingers, you may massage them all over your scalp well. You can find hair brushes, metal massager, Electric Scalp Massage for Hair Growthelectric hair brushes. You will have a smooth scalp massage with these tools. 

There are also some essential oils for scalp massage that are quite popular. 

Scalp Massage Hair Growth Before and After Result 

You may find experts' opinions and data on the hair growth by scalp massage. If you are taking a challenge for about 3 to 4 months to grow your hair then you have to follow the instructions properly. Research says that about 15 to 20 minutes a hair massage for about 4 to 6 months can reduce 60 to 80 percent hair loss. 

Scalp Massage Hair Growth

Though it depends on the health and hair condition, environment, age, mental health, food habits etc. If you are willing to take a challenge scalp massage hair growth before and after then you should make a list and time plan. And have to act accordingly. It also makes your hair stronger. 

Even it makes your hair thicker from .07 to .09 mm. That means it makes thicker by about 8% in 6 months. So, scalp massage can help you to make your hair grow or at least healthy. 


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