Be a “Smart Hula Hoop” Affiliate and Earn 20% Commission on Each Sale

"You Will Get 20% Commission on Each Referral Sale When a Customer Makes a Purchase Through Your Affiliate Link or Use Your Coupon Code."

Welcome to Maskura's influencer program! We are excited to have you on board as a partner in promoting our brand and products to your followers. As an influencer with Maskura Fitness, you will have access to exclusive perks and discounts on our products, allowing you to promote a healthy and active lifestyle while earning some extra and lots of future opportunities.

Details of our influencer program:

Step 1: Apply Become an Influencer

Simply click on the link provided and fill out the form. We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

Step 2: Receive Your Unique Referral Code

Once you are selected as an influencer or a brand promoter, you will receive a unique referral code like “Demo10” that you can share with your audience. Your referral code will track all sales generated from your audience, and you will earn a 10% commission on each sale and your followers will also receive 20% discount. Its that much transparent. You will  till the products will be sold.

Step 3: Promote Maskura Hula Hoop and Other Fitness Products

As an influencer, you are free to promote Maskura Smart Hula Hoop and any of our other products to your audience through social media, blog posts, or other channels. We encourage you to share your personal experiences with our products and provide honest reviews to your followers.

N.B.: For Hula Hoop Promotion, You Will Get a Free Hula Hoop (Conditions Applied) From Maskura.

Step 4: Track Your Sales and Commission

You can track your sales and commission earned through your referral code in real-time through our Google sheet. We offer 10% commission rates and timely (weekly/monthly) payouts to our influencers.

Step 5: Payment Method

A variety of convenient payment methods are offered to ensure that you receive your commission quickly and easily. Simply let us know your preferred banking account and we will generate your payment directly.

In addition to earning a 20% commission on all sales generated through your unique referral code, partnering with Maskura will give you the opportunity to reach a wider audience and grow your own followers. We will feature your content on our website and social media channels, increasing your exposure and helping you gain more followers as well. This will open a new path for you with a lot of new opportunities. And we believe in cooperation and team work.


Wanna Be a Hula Hoop Model? Wanna Showcase Your Skills and Inspire Others?

 We would love to hear from you!

Simply contact us and our advertising manager will be in touch with you for further procedure about this exciting opportunity.

We are always on the lookout for new talents who are passionate about fitness and can represent our brand with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Don't miss this chance to unleash your skills and inspire others. Get Connected to Maskura & Be Maskura Fit !!


We are dedicated to provide personalized support to our influencers. For further questions or concerns, do reach out to our team.

Let's work together! Let's inspire others ! Lets Get healthy, Let's Be Maskura Fit.


Commission: 20% 

Cookie life: 30 days

Payout Methods: Your preferred method

Additional Term: You will get 20% commission on referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or use your coupon code. 

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