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AB Roller Wheel - Abdominal Roller Exercise Wheel for Home Gym Fitness Equipment Accessories

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About AB Roller Wheel:

We are bringing you the best ab roller wheel for you.  We provide 100% best quality roller wheel is available for you.

Features of This AB Roller Wheel :

  • 5-in-1 Home Workout Equipment: Includes an Abs muscle wheel, kneeling pad, push-up bar, tension device, and skipping rope, saving you money. It is not necessary to purchase them separately.
  • Updated Technology: The upgraded AB roller has a longer handle pipe and is wrapped in anti-slip-resistant foam. Which makes it more sturdy.
  • Perfect for Push-ups and Knee Protection: The slanting push-up bar is easy to dismantle or mount and will not slip. When rolling forward and backward, the knee pad can protect your knees from harm.
  • For People of All Fitness Levels: All-in-one fitness equipment that is appropriate for both beginners and advanced exercisers.
Ab Roller Wheel

What Are The Specialty:

Our ab exercise wheel allows you to focus your workout on your upper body to strengthen and tone your core, abs, arms, shoulders, and back. The easy-glide dual wheel ensures a super-smooth action and increases stability, reducing wobble. It helps you stay balanced as you perform your reps while the internal steel rod makes this one of the most durable ab wheels around.

What Will You Get?

The package has a 1.5cm thick knee pad made from high-quality material. In addition, it is used in many yoga and pilates mats. That provides a soft, non-slip surface for a supremely comfortable workout.

Moreover, this brilliant little training aid is compact, tough, and quiet and features ergonomic foam handles that guarantee excellent grip at all times. Ideal for users of any age or fitness level.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
sophie brown
good catch!

helps me stretch. I can build up my arm, chest and abs quickly I think. I can already roll down to the ground and back up again after trying few times.

Abdominal exercise tool

Excellent product and I think this item is ideal for those that would like to eliminate some abdominal fat

Jayden Fleming
Effective Exercise Tool

The AB roller wheel is very effective for targeting the abs. It is easy to use and provides a great workout.

Nison Chakma
Best AB Roller Wheel currently available

I've tried a few different AB Roller Wheels, but this one is by far the best. It's comfortable to grip, easy to use, and provides a great workout for the core muscles

William Jones
Perfect addition to any home gym!

It's the perfect addition to any home gym, and it's helped me to achieve some incredible results in a short amount of time. It's durable, easy touse, and provides a killer workout for my abs and core. I love that it's adjustable, so I can increase the difficulty as I get stronger. Overall, this is a fantastic piece of fitness equipment that I would recommend to anyone looking to take their ab workouts to the next level.