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ems muscle toner reviews
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Abs Stimulator Gel Pads - Abs Stimulator Muscle Toner Gel Pads - Abdominal Toning Belt Muscle Toner

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About Abs Stimulator Gel Pads

Abs Stimulator Gel Pads will help reduce part of the stress because the soles of many heels are relatively thin. Other companies increase products similarly using gel pads. There are some that have gel pads to provide support where it is most needed. My boots contain some gel pads that are working well. These cycling-specific gloves contain gel cushions in the palms.

Material :

Made from a high-quality, environmentally friendly hydrogel. Strong adherence and a humanized design. If used and maintained properly, ab gel pads can last 20 to 30 sessions.

Long Time Durable:

The professional muscle stimulator's gel pad has a lengthy lifespan; You caroughly 30 times. Depending on how something is used and how it is preserved, the shelf life may be extended. To increase the product's lifespan, we advise cleaning the skin with alcohol before applying it.

Comfort and Health :

Gel pads are extremely soft, delicate, and made of materials of the highest caliber. Additionally, they are reusable, self-adhesive, and have excellent viscosity.

Disposable Vacuum Pack :

60 PCS of replacement gel pads. It guards against dryness and loss of stickiness. No one has been opened or used to give clients the absolute best service.

Maintenance Method:

Make sure the skin is dry and clean before using. To increase the product's shelf life, it was advised that you clean the skin with alcohol before using it. You can get in touch with us directly if you have any inquiries on how to utilize our gel pad.

Abs Stimulator Gel Pads

How To Use & Maintain Abs Stimulator Gel Pads:

  • Before using, please clean and dry your skin. After using the Gel Sheet, stick your skin back to the cardboard; if stored properly, you can use it multiple times.

  • If you encounter any issues when getting our product or later, please email us right away. Within 24 hours, we'll give you a prompt response and the best possible solution.

  • An ab gel pad is an ideal accessory for abdominal toning belts, AB trainers, waist trimmer belts, ABS toner body muscle trainers, and other EMS devices.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Absolute game changer

I've tried every ab machine, class and diet under the sun yet still had lingering lower belly fat. These gel pads have vanquished it so quickly! For just 20mins, 3 times a week whilst watching TV it's firmed up my whole core.

Charls Anderson
Added edge to my home workouts

As a personal trainer, I'm always testing new ways to help clients achieve faster results at home. These abdominal gel pads deliver incredible tone without lots of time or effort required.

Revived my post-baby body

Having my second child last year, my stomach muscles have never fully bounced back despite exercise. These toning pads have made a huge difference though - just 3 months of 20mins use daily and my once flabby tummy is well on its way to a flat six pack.

Easiest abs ever

I've tried every gimmick going to get rid of my lower pooch but nothing has worked until these gel pads. While watching TV each night I just slap them on and let the stimulation do the work.

Finally got my 6 pack!

I never had time for dedicated ab workouts. These gel pads have made fast work of toning my stubborn belly. After just 6 weeks of 20min daily sessions, my core muscles are really popping.