Adjustable Dumbbells and Barbell Set
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Dumbbells and Barbell Set
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Barbell and Dumbbell Set
adjustable dumbbell set
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Adjustable Dumbbells and Barbell Set - 20KG Barbell & Dumbbell Fitness Exercise Home Gym Plate Bar Clamp Rod (Yellow)

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Adjustable Dumbbells and Barbell Set:

Exercise Ergonomic Adjustable Dumbbells and Barbell Set, The exercise possibilities are unlimited, from squats to bicep curls. It’s simple to increase the weight to 20kg, which is ideal for growing muscles and pushing yourself farther. 

In addition, this set, which includes two small poles and one long pole which you can use as barbell or two dumbbells. Or  you can remove the weights and use individually. On all three bar poles, there are safe comfort grips. 

However, you can use Our Barbell-Dumbbell Set  as a barbell, two dumbbells, or without weights. It’s simple to change up your exercise routine whenever you want.

You can use  this solid form for a long time! For further protection and a splash of color you can use a plastic shell.

ARMS, BACK, SHOULDERS, AND UPPER BODY SUITABLE When using cardio equipment, weight plates can be applied for added emphasis and impact. 

It’s comfortable and simple to hold. It keeps the bar from slipping and injuring you.

Product Features:

Adjustable Dumbbells and Barbell Set

Three-way Set:

It can be used as a barbell, as two dumbbells, or with weights taken off freely. Easy to switch up your fitness routine whenever.

Iron Body:

Solid formation – made for extended use! Plastic shell for extra protection and a flash of color.

Adjustable Dumbbells and Barbell Set

20kg Weight:

2 x 0.25kg, 4 x 1.25kg, 4 x 1.5kg and 4 x 2kg. It also comes with a 1 x 0.5kg long barbell pole and 2 x 0.25kg short dumbbell poles.

Suitable For:

Arms, back, shoulders, and upper body. Weight plates can also be used when using cardio machines – extra focus and impact.

Soft Grip on Bars:

Comfortable and easy for you to hold. It helps prevent bar slipping and hurting yourself.

Additional Information:

  • 2.0kg Plate Dimension: Ф18.5 x 3.7T cm
  • 1.5kg Plate Dimension: Ф16.5 x 3.7T cm
  • 1.25kg Plate Dimension: Ф14.5 x 3.7T cm
  • Dumbbell Bar Dimension: Ф3.5 x 46.5 cm
  • Barbell Bar Dimension: Ф4 x 40cm

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Customer Reviews

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Easy to use

Tight fit easy lock and unlock!

Isaac Moran
Great Value

This barbell and dumbbell set is a great value for the price. Perfect for at-home workouts.

Great Addition to Any Home Gym

Any home gym would benefit from having a set of barbells and dumbbells! The clamp rod holds everything in place, the plates are solidly constructed, and the bar is strong. Strongly advised for those trying to mix up their routines and increase strength

Nicholas Clarke
Overall, I highly recommend

. I've been able to perform a variety of exercises with this set and have seen great results in my strength and muscle tone. The set is also compact and easy to store when not in use. Overall, I highly recommend this set to anyone looking for a reliable and effective weightlifting set for their home gym.

Stephen Morris
The set is well-made and the weights are easy to change out

I recently purchased the 20KG Barbell & Dumbbell Set and I'm very impressed with the quality. The set is well-made and the weights are easy to change out. The bars are comfortable to hold and the knurling provides a secure grip during workouts