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Armband Lights for Running

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About Armband Lights for Running:

We are proud to present our Armband Lights for Running, the perfect partner for your evening runs! Running on the streets or hitting the trails after dusk, our wristband lights will ensure your safety and visibility. In addition They provide strong illumination to keep you visible to others. 

Safe workout:

Led Armbands for Runners are bright at night and have high visibility to protect your safety. It provides you with 360-degree ultra-high visibility in low-visibility scenes and activities. It is ideal for running, cycling, walking pet walking, and other activities.


These Armbands have rechargeable batteries, unlike most LED bands on the market, which require frequent battery changes.  furthermore, A single charge can provide 6–8 hours of work, which is sufficient for you to utilize. more practical, user-friendly, and cost-effective

Lighting Settings

Fitted with three lighting settings. It is fast flash, slow flash, and always bright, the multiple lighting modes give you a variety of options and make the camera easier to use.

Appropriate For all:

  • The SIMKET LED Armband is 35cm by 4cm and is suitable for all age groups.
  • Simply slap it where you want to wear it, such as the wrist, ankle, or arm.
  • It doesn't feel like you're wearing it; the elasticity is appropriate.
  • It's durable; and it won't slip off.

So do not wait and enjoy our LED Armband that  will help you to stay fit during actuve hours and you will be worry free at night as well.

Customer Reviews

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The magnetic wristband's appearance and build quality have me utterly delighted. The. I take my dog for a walk and to potty before I go to bed.
I wore one of these and programmed it to blink.
It's a really useful tool for walking after dark.
I have a spare and I keep one in my work bag, one in my personal bag, and one with my dog's leash.
As a backup, I'm ordering another pair. tool for adjustment was a HUGE plus.


After utilising them, I was happy to discover that they functioned and performed... as expected.
It narrates the entire tale.


Last time I bought from a store which were very poor quality. Then I found on Instagram about this arm bands. Really loved the quality.


This is a fantastic set of lights—it's sturdy and user-friendly.