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Best Detox Foot Pads UK

Eastern medical experts have known for hundreds of years that poisons build up in our feet as they move downward through the body. They also recognized that the buildup of toxins frequently results in a variety of degenerative disorders. For instance, harmful acidic fluids accumulating around the joints are what cause severe rheumatism and arthritis.

With more than 60 acupuncture sites on each sole, the feet are viewed as conduits to numerous critical organs in foot reflexology.

Best Detox Foot Pads UK

Benefits of Foot Pads:

Enhances sleep quality, works while you sleep, and is appropriate for deep sleep. gives warmth to your feet all night long and helps to circulate blood. exfoliates your feet, leaving you with creamier, smoother soles. gives you a restful night's sleep and relief from weariness after a hard day at work.

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How to Use:

  1. For maximum results, apply to feet before sleeping.
  2. Wipe off your feet.
  3. Take off the sticker from the backing sheet.
  4. Stick the wording-covered side of the pad into the center of the adhesive sheet.
  5. Firmly adhere the sheet to the sole's arch.
  6. After 6 or 7 hours, remove the pad and wash your feet.
  7. They can be applied to joints, palms, the waist, the shoulders, the back, and other areas of the body that are sore or fatigued. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Detox foot patches

These stay firmly on your feet without socks on. They seem better than kinoki and I feel more refreshed in the morning

Foot Pads

They function perfectly, but my only complaint is that they are too little; they ought to have been larger to adequately cover more of the foot.


Good quality. I am satisfied.

Martin Pennell

The greatest is the Deep Cleaning Foot Patch. It's simple to use, and I'd suggest it to everyone. It helps me fall asleep.

Easy to use

When I wear these at night for a week or so, the pain in my feet goes away whenever I have it. I've told many of my friends about these.