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Best Running Power Meter - Garmin Pod Running Dynamics Metrics Computer For Forerunner Fenix Smart Watch

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About Best Running Power Meter

The best running power meter analyses the running mechanics you need to improve on from yesterday, all while being worn around your waist.

Computes and Communicates Relevant Data

Train thoroughly and run freely. The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod attaches to your waistline and measures the running dynamics you need to improve on from yesterday. It allows you to run without a chest strap heart rate monitor and still track parameters that cannot be captured at your wrist.

Best Running Power Meter

Examine Your Form

View and evaluate your cadence, stride length, ground contact time and balance, vertical oscillation, and vertical ratio. These biomechanical measures can help you understand your running technique and improve your performance on race day. The pod is simple to use; simply pair it with a compatible watch, clip it to the back of your waistband, and go for a run. It's so small that you might miss it!

The Rhythm

Cadence is defined as the number of steps per minute. It shows the total number of steps (left and right combined).

The ground contact time balance shows the left/right balance of your running ground contact time. It shows a percentage. For instance, 53.2 with an arrow pointing to the left or right

  • Stride length is the distance between one footfall and the next. It is expressed in meters.
  • Vertical oscillation is your running bounce. It depicts your torso's vertical motion, measured in millimeters for each stride.
  • The vertical ratio is the vertical oscillation to stride length ratio. It shows a percentage. A lower number usually suggests improved running form.

Six running dynamics measures are computed and sent to your compatible device.

1+ year battery life
Turns itself on and off automatically.

It is small and unobtrusive, weighing less than 5 grams.
Compatible with the Forerunner 935, 735XT, Fenix 5, and Fenix Chronos.

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Great for Smarter Running

Excellently synchronized data with my watch, very complete statistics with the Garmin app