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Occlusion Bands Flexible for Arms and Legs
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Blood Flow Restriction Bands - Shelly Blood Flow Restriction Bands Occlusion Bands Flexible for Arms and Legs

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About Blood Flow Restriction Bands 

To restrict blood flow to your veins but not your arteries, Blood Flow Restriction Bands training involves straps over the tops of your limbs. You are enabling blood to enter the muscle by doing this, but you are preventing it from leaving again.

Blood Flow Restriction Bands Bundle Pack of 4: 

The entire set for occlusion training is now available in our new PRO Bands, which come in a 2 LEG BUNDLE measuring 2" W x 40"L and 2 ARM bands measuring 2" W x 26"L. They are made to provide the targeted muscles with excellent blood flow restriction through the working leg. Pre-fatigue slow-twitch muscle fibers receive less oxygen from these blood flow restriction bands, which lowers their ability to respond to exercise loads.

Blood Flow Restriction Bands Increased Factors for Muscle Growth: 

Blood Flow Restriction Bands

According to studies, exercise can boost NOS-1 expression, mTOR signaling, and muscle protein synthesis, all of which contribute to increased muscular growth. The findings also show that by lowering myostatin levels, tourniquets can be employed in training to increase muscle growth and maximize the potential for muscular gain.

Quicker Lean Muscles and Excellent Tone Without Lifting Heavy Weights:  

Low-load hypertrophy is caused by the Occlusion Training Bands. Results are frequently close to those attained with loads of 80% 1RMs when applied to the working limbs and paired with loads of 10% to 30% of 1RM (many repetitions and little rest before tiredness sets in). Indeed, the Ischemic bands provide sculpted muscles and breathtaking sound effortlessly and without strenuous weight lifting.

Extra-strong and Super-comfortable Bands: 

The PRO Package training bands are exceptionally easy to fasten, simple to remove once the exercise is finished, and incredibly comfortable on the working limb. They are equipped with an extra-strong elastic harness, and a fast-release can buckle, and an elastic loop for keeping the slack in place. The order includes 4 tourniquets for the occlusion per package. It will keep its shape and suppleness if you use the thigh band or the bicep strap.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

You will be protected against all production flaws by our lifetime warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

These bands work incredibly well for exercise and their intended purpose. They were excellent when I used them for the first time today. The adjustment clips are something I enjoy since they look and feel incredibly high quality, stay in place, are secure, and are firm. Although I was able to complete it on my own, you definitely need to use both hands or get assistance. However, I did enjoy it; it's an excellent product.

Good muscle pump

really like these bands they get undone easily at times but not if put on properly

Effective training aid for muscle growth

I decided to give Shelly Blood Flow Restriction Bands a try because I've been having trouble adding muscle mass. And wow, did they make a difference! I was able to work out hard even with modest weights because to these occlusion bands, which resulted in noticeable muscle growth.

Georgia Spencer
Effective training aid for muscle growth

As someone who's been struggling to build muscle mass, I decided to give this Flow Restriction Bands a try. And boy, did they work wonders! These occlusion bands helped me get an intense workout even with lighter weights, leading to significant muscle growth.

Wonderful Blood Flow Restriction Bands

For the price, these Blood Flow Restriction Bands offer excellent value. They're cozy, come in a pair, and have improved the effectiveness of my workouts. highly advisable