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Boxing Reflex Ball - Boxing Fight Ball Punch Exercise Head Band Reflex Speed Training with 2 Balls

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About This Item 

Bulky punching bags have a rival in the Boxing Reflex Ball Champs boxing training ball. Without spending money on a reflex bag, you may increase stamina, improve balance, and burn calories by practicing with your response ball. Additionally, due to its portability and small weight, it is the ideal portable sparring partner.

Complete Boxing Reflex Ball Set 

The four balls in this set, which range in difficulty, are perfect for both novice and expert fighters.

Cardio Made Fun :

Burn calories, improve fitness, sharpen your skills for various combat sports, and have hours of fun!

Instructions :

International items have different words, are sold from abroad, and may differ from local products in terms of fit, age ratings, product, labeling, or instructions language. The boxing reflex ball headband is a must-have addition to your boxing training equipment.

Easy and Safe to Use Boxing Reflex Ball :

Simple for novices to understand. Since it is softer and lighter than a tennis ball, no protective gear or gloves are required. Without having to worry about hitting our faces, we can appreciate it.

Boxing Reflex Ball

Perfect Training Equipment :

The reflex ball set you purchased comes with two balls, the black one being specially made to be much simpler for beginners. When you've mastered it, switch to the red ball, which is considerably springier.

Fits Anyone :

It may be worn by men, women, teenagers, kids, and even boxing trainers. Anybody may use it to relieve tension. Additionally, it can assist in developing your hand-eye coordination, response time, agility, and striking power.

Small and Portable Boxing Reflex Ball :

We can take your reflex ball and work it out at home.

Satisfaction Guarantee :

We won't be happy until you're happy. We provide the assistance you require for all of our products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sharon Mill
son loves it

As part of his Christmas gifts, my son received this, and although it took him some time to get used to it, he is now an expert. Excellent value for the money, highly recommended


Anyone wishing to spice up their exercise regimen with some fun should try the Boxing Reflex Ball. It's an excellent piece of boxing equipment for increasing hand-eye coordination and reaction time. I adore how portable it is and how simple it is to use. It's the ideal substitute for conventional boxing equipment and is ideal for anyone wishing to change up their exercise regimen.

wendy ramsdale
Reflex ball

Got shipped very quickly and is exactly what was said. Getting great use out of it daily.

wendy ramsdale

Very addictive and so fun! The strings are a bit difficult to set up for the right height etc and correct knots so the balls don’t fly off but once that’s done time literally slips away while your using it - love!


I recently bought the Boxing Reflex Ball, and I have to say, it's an absolute knockout! I'm channeling my inner Rocky Balboa with it! This boxing gear is ideal for enhancing hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Since I've begun utilizing it, I've seen a huge improvement in my boxing abilities. It's a fantastic substitute for conventional boxing equipment and is ideal for anyone wishing to improve their skills.