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Car Rubber Mats UK - Rubber Car Boot Mat Universal Non Slip Heavy Duty Protector Liner Black

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About Car Rubber Mats UK:

Car Rubber Mats UK, robust rubber that stops things from slipping Suitable for replacing or safeguarding the original carpet in a car Adaptable to sizing 120cm by 80cm in size.  This useful rubber boot mat keeps the interior clean and protected.

It can be used to protect or replace the original carpet in your car and keeps goods from rolling around in the boot thanks to its sturdy, flexible rubber construction. The mat may be easily trimmed to the size you choose.

Features Of This Item:


The purpose of this rubber boot liner is to shield your car's boot floor. It is waterproof and incredibly strong.

Car Rubber Mats UK


This rubber boot mat is all prepared to fit snugly inside your boot.

Customize Fit:

With the imprinted trimming lines on the car rubber mats uk for vehicle boots, you may cut it to the exact size you need.

Universal Fit:

All kinds of automobiles can use this rubber boot liner.


  • 120cm x 80cm
  • Sturdy and Long Lasting
  • Easy to Store
  • Easy to Wash

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Easy to fit

It is brilliant. Can be cut to fit and looks great. It is keeping my boot space beautifully clean and makes it look really tidy. The cutting to fit was very easy and you just follow the lines. My husband thought I would need his help but he was really surprised to see how easy to fit it was. There is a rubber smell, but febreeze does the trick after several dousings. A bonus is that it also helps to keep objects reasonably in place. No downside to this product at all. Remember to put it in the correct way up!

Easy to fit

Brought to keep the boot of a new car clean, and this does the job well. It was easy to cut and put in. It is good quality and an ideal boot protector.

A Must-Have for Car Enthusiasts!

The black rubber design adds a touch of sophistication, while the non-slip feature ensures that my cargo stays secure during the ride. If you're a car enthusiast like me, this mat is an absolute must-have!

A Beast of a Car Mat!

The universal design fits my car like a glove, and the black rubber material gives it a stylish edge

Excellent, heavy duty rubber liner

I purchased this to fit behind the back seats of my Skoda Super when I added more cargo. Performs incredibly well. Superb, robust rubber. Great value for the money; strongly advised; many thanks