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Castor Oil Pack UK - Reusable Castor Oil Pack Kit Waist Wrap for Insomnia Constipation Inflammation

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About Castor Oil Pack UK

The reusable castor oil pack UK kit waist wrap is a product designed to provide relief for various conditions such as insomnia, constipation, and inflammation.

Key Features Of Castor Oil Pack UK

Premium Materials:

Reusable and constructed from organic, eco-friendly materials, this castor oil pack UK is organic. TPU makes up the outer layer, which effectively traps your body's natural heat and keeps castor oil from seeping out, shielding you from oil stains. Soft and hypoallergenic organic bamboo fleece, free of hazardous chemicals, makes up the inside layer. NOTE: Machine washable; wash two to three times before using.

Castor Oil Pack UK

Adjustable Design of Castor Oil Pack UK:

Castor Oil Pack Wrap is made with elastic shoulder straps that are easily adjustable to fit your waist. The neck features an adjustable clasp that allows you to modify the elasticity to fit your neck shape. This design is particularly user-friendly for customers who have hand irritation. Simple to wear and safe.

Insomnia Relief:

Applying castor oil pack UK to the abdomen is thought to help induce relaxation and enhance the quality of sleep for certain people. A calming effect can be produced by the warmth from the pack and the calming qualities of the castor oil.

Reusable and Durable Castor Oil Pack UK:

Typically, the kit comes with a compress or reusable cloth that can be used repeatedly. Often, these packets are constructed from premium materials that are hygienic and long-lasting.

Constipation Relief: 

There may be advantages for digestive health when castor oil pack UK is applied to the abdomen. Some people apply castor oil packs to ease abdominal pain and encourage bowel movement as a way to treat constipation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
works fine

utilized as a nighttime supplement of castor oil. Wearing this for the entire evening was comfy.

Practical and easy to use

It really appeals to me. It is simple to clean and use. incredibly well-made.