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About This Item

Soft Material:

Compressed Towel Tablets are comprised of materials that are 100 percent cotton. Having a smooth, airy, and cooling texture

Product Dimensions:

220 * 180 mm (or 8.6 x 7.1 inches) when opening after contact with water, and 25 mm (or 0.98 inches) in diameter before contact with water.

Compressed Towel Tablets Features:

The compact disposable towel expands quickly when exposed to water, is soft and comfy, and is safe and hygienic for outdoor usage. It is also small, portable, and easy to carry.

Value Pack:

Consists of 100 compressed towels in individual, clean, tiny packages. It can handle most of your demands.

Broad Use of Compressed Towel Tablets:

Useful in any setting you can think of, including the bathroom, kitchen, office, travel, camping, hotels, and hydrotherapy centres.

Pack these compressed towels in place of your cumbersome washcloths when you travel! Individually packaged for sanitation and compressed into tablet shape for convenience.

 Just put the compressed towel in both hot and cold water to see it expand. It is made of an environmentally beneficial, biodegradable material that is simple to discard after usage.

Features Of Compressed Towel Tablets :

1. Made of non-woven cotton fabric, it is supple and comfortable on the skin and has strong water absorption. It can deteriorate naturally.
2. Small, portable, You can carry it with you, which is quite practical.
3. It is disposable, thus it's cleaner and healthier than conventional towels.
4. Versatile; great for vacations, the gym, the office, driving, and camping. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, and sporting activities

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So ideal

These are so convenient for traveling with as they take up next to no space! They are a good size when opened and it's always a cool process to watch them spring to life under the tap :) very happy with my order

Works like Magic!

Works like magic, great for putting some in your pocket on the go. The fabric is of good quality and packed very well in a large package so it is very hygienic to carry.

Perfect for Emergencies

They're durable and easy to use - just add water and they expand into a full-sized towel. I've used them for everything from wiping down my windshield to cleaning up spills.

Convenient and Versatile

so convenient to carry in my purse or backpack. They're also very versatile - I've used them for everything from wiping my hands to cleaning up spills.