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Deadlift Jack Alternative -Dead Wedge The Deadlift Jack Alternative for Your Gym Bag - Raises loaded barbell & plates for effortless

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About Deadlift Jack Alternative:

Deadlift Jack Alternative is effortless time-saving and safely loading and unloading dead lifting jacks are 100% brand new and high-quality. A deadlift wedge is perfect to help retrieve the weights or plates from the barbells more safely.

You may exercise more effectively by saving time, concentrating on each set of your training, and without having to balance the bar. Ideal for deadlifts, weightlifting, Cross fit, at-home workouts, and powerlifting.

How to use:

Primarily, the silicone used in the barbell plate’s alternative jack provides stability to keep the barbell plate upright. You won't ever have to worry about the deadlift wedge moving when changing the weight plates.

Secondly, barbell plates, alternative Jack is lightweight and portable, making it simple to transport from home to the gym or anyplace else you like. Soft and cozy to the touch and also safe for the skin. It's really simple to clean. You may wash it as you choose.

Deadlift Jack Alternative

Easy-to-Use Deadlift Jack Alternative :

  • Firstly, slide the weighted plate up to the deadlift wedge and hold it there until it is stable.
  • Because of the extra elevation, it is simple to load or unload the weight plates.
  • Finally, roll the weight plates back out of the loading groove and onto the ground, down the rubber jack.


  • Simply roll the plate closest to the ramp up, roll-off, and load or unload plates wherever you need to. Plates can tumble off of a block of wood, frustrating and hurting people.
  • Maintaining them as training partners will help you to always be prepared.
  • An improved version of the deadlift jack here is some reasons why thousands of satisfied gym owners and lifters adore the dead wedge.
  • In your workout backpack, you may find more functionality than a normal barbell jack while paying a fraction of the cost!
  • Compact design that doesn't take up extra space in your gym or gym bag.

Ideal for preventing plate rolling during loading and unloading; hands-free. 

All you need is one! Please make use of our 100 percent MONEY BACK NO-HASSLE GUARANTEE if you don't totally like it. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Deadlifting made effortless!

This handy dead wedge has transformed deadlift day from a grind to a breeze. Simply pushing the wedge under the loaded bar allows me to unload plates between sets without lifting or bending the entire bar - effortlessly bringing the weight closer to the ground.

Lower back saver, deadlift game changer!

As someone who struggles with lower back issues, this dead wedge jack has finally allowed me to seriously progress my deadlift without further injuring myself. Simply pushing the wedge under a loaded barbell allows me to easily unload plates in between sets without having to bend over and lift the weight.

Finally deadlifted pain free!

After years of battling lower back pain during and after deadlift workouts, this simple wedge has finally allowed me to optimize intensity without injury.

Deadlifting game changer

This compact dead wedge has become an essential part of my gym bag. Pushing the wedge under a loaded barbell allows me to easily unload plates between sets without lifting the entire bar or bending over.

Relief from Deadlift Injuries

The wide rubber base provides a completely stable surface even under extreme weights. The lightweight foldable design fits inside my gym bag for travel workouts.