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Dumbbell Long Bar - 2pcs Dumbbell Bars & Spinlock Collars Set Weight Lifting Gym Dumbell Handle

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About Dumbbell Long Bar

If you want to add dumbbells to your home gym, the Dumbbell Bars & Spinlock Collars Set is a fantastic choice. Two 18-inch dumbbell long bar, four spinlock collars, a carrying case, and two dumbbell sets are included. The premium steel dumbbell bars are coated in a soft rubber to prevent slipping. The sturdy plastic spinlock collars have a quick-release mechanism that makes it simple to attach and remove them. Because the carrying case is made of dependable nylon and has a shoulder strap, transporting it is effortless.

Dumbbell Long Bar

Key Features of Dumbbell Long Bar:

  • Two dumbbell bars 18 inches long
  • Four collars with spinlocks
  • Transport bag
  • Superior steel construction
  • a cozy rubber coating
  • Spinlock collars made of sturdy plastic
  • Quick-release device
  • shoulder strap-equipped carrying case

With the Dumbbell Bars & Spinlock Collars Set, your experience with strength training will be transformed. This dumbbell handle set boosts your power to reach your goals effectively, whether you are trying to develop your fitness, build strength, or tone your muscles. Just bring your Dumbbell Bars & Spinlock Collars Set at home right away to work on your fitness and health journey and binge-start taking your workouts to another level!

Additional Details You Must Know:

  • The dumbbell bars have a weight capacity of 50 pounds.
  • One-inch weight plates can be used with the spinlock collars.
  • The carry case has dimensions of 22 * 10 * 3.
  • The set is about ten pounds in weight.

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Customer Reviews

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Joseph S.
Good value.

Easy to use and reasonably priced. Seems to be reliable for modest exercise.