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Ergonomic Foot Stools - Foot Rest under Desk Adjustable Height, Tilt Angle w/ Massage Roller

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About Ergonomic Foot Stools:

A helpful addition to making a workstation more cozy and supportive is an ergonomic foot stools. It can ease pain and encourage improved posture when sitting for extended periods. You can place the footrest to your liking thanks to the features that allow you to modify the height and tilt angle. The addition of a massage roller also has a calming effect and increases the advantages of the footrest.

Key Features Of Ergonomic Foot Stools:

Massage Surface:

These ergonomic foot stools have a textured surface, a huge free-floating platform with massage rollers, and spherical bumps to gently massage and excite your feet so you may relax the soles of your feet while at work.

Ergonomic Foot Stools

Easy to Clean:

Simply give the footstool a quick rinse with water to clean it thanks to its unique construction and substance. When using it with shoes, don't worry about getting it soiled.

Easy to Assemble:

To effectively assemble them, you just need to follow these four steps: align, insert, adjust, and tighten. You can enjoy the satisfaction of combining components into a final product in the interim.

Home-Friendly & Easy to Use:

This foot stools are made of environmental rubber, which lowers your exposure to toxins and pollution while improving the quality of your home environment.


  • Ergonomic foot stools that meet your unique requirements and preferences 
  • Examine the massage roller's construction, durability, adjustability, and overall quality.
  • User Friendly & Convenient
  • Travel Friendly
  • Distinctive

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Angharad McCormack
Great quality

With foot rests, you really do get what you pay for. This foot rest is adjustable and study, much better than the cheaper alternatives which can prematurely crack. I've purchased quite a few of this model for the office without any issues.


I am happy with this purchase and was comfortable for resting my feet at different levels while busy working on my laptop.

Nice foot rest!

I got this foot rest to help at my work desk. I love the foot massage too. It is made of hard rubber and is sturdy.