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Exercise Sit Up Bench- Multi-Funtional Weight Bench for Ab Fitness | UK

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Exercise Sit Up Bench

When you don't have time to join a gym, this Exercise Sit Up Bench  will help you to maintain your body fitness. With its five adjustable configurations, this high-end weight bench accommodates various workout requirements and improves fitness outcomes.

Additionally, you may perform a variety of workouts on this weight bench because of its multifunctional design, including sit-ups, decline bench presses, leg lifts, etc. Also, the clear monitor displays all pertinent training data, including time, count, total count, and calories, in real-time.

This sit-up bench may also be converted into a dumbbell bench for extreme convenience by modifying the bottom board. Additionally, six high-density foam rollers help you exercise while protecting your body. This top-notch weight bench is stable enough to support up to 130 kg and is made of a heavy-duty steel frame.

You can store it easily due to its suitable compact design.

Why You Need Exercise Sit Up Bench?

Exercise Sit Up Bench is made to shape the lines of the arms, abdomen, waist, core, and legs by training the upper body through activities such as sit-ups, push-ups, and leg lifts. This tool  is ideal for use at home or at the workplace.

You can use fitness equipment for multiple purposes. One can get slim waist and hip raising by using it. Workout like  body wake-up at your own personal gym can also be done using tis equipment. The weight-loss impact of several training modes is quadrupled when the fitness machine may be switched at will.

Air circulation, breathable sweat, and pleasant fitness are all features of this breathable sports leather. This Fitness Equipment has Folding storage that does not take up any space, thanks to its foldable shape.

 Special Features: 

  1. Dependable loading capacity of 130 kg
  2. Full-body exercise to train various muscles
  3. Clear display for instant response on various data
  4. With collapsible design, easy storage may save room in the home.
  5. Uses the bottom board to alter to become a dumbbell bench.
  6. Stability-enhancing heavy-duty steel frame with a triangular shape
  7. Fulfils various needs with 5 customizable positions.
  8. Fit for leg lifts, decline bench presses, and sit-ups, among other exercises
  9. 5 comfortable foam rollers that help you while protecting your body

Multiple Sports Modes of Exercise Sit Up Bench:

  • Sit-ups: Sit-ups are a great way to work out your waist muscles and get eight-pack abs.
  • Abdominal muscle training is a type of abdominal workout.
  • Push-ups help to strengthen the buttocks and chest muscles, as well as firm the buttocks and give you a curvaceous body.
  • Sit on your back to exercise elephant legs, shape your legs into a lovely curve, and flex your joints with your lower limbs.
  • Exercise your arm muscle balance and effortlessly form your muscular curve with arm strength training.
  • Auxiliary training: It can help with sit-ups, biceps workouts, and more.
  • Lie on your back to burn fat around your waist and create a small waist curve.
  • Pull-ups: They can help you exercise your biceps and do more with your sit-ups.
  • Exercise waist fat and shape a slim waist curve with one-leg sliding.
  • Exercising muscles and burning body fat when boating. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Very stable and really works the muscles. Some said they had trouble with assembly but we found it very easy to handle. As I am heavy weight, still I can manage it well so is my partner. Well worth the money.


This bench works well and is simple to assemble. I have a feeling this bench will endure a long time because it is really stable and comfortable.

Very standard

Using it for a week. Very comfortable and smooth. I can have smooth workout. Features are so good.

It works

Not flashy, but effective. I'm satisfied.

Jhon carry
Happy to use it

amazing small machine Definitely worth the cost. Your abs will be grateful. I'll see everyone at muscle beach.