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Face Protection Shield - Anti-fog Full Face Shield Protective Head Cover Transparent Safety Mask UK

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About Face Protection Shield

Face protection shield full-face shield protective head cover is a transparent safety mask designed to provide face protection against airborne particles, droplets, and splashes. It is commonly used in various industries, healthcare settings, and public environments to help prevent the spread of germs and protect individuals from potential hazards.

Key Features Of Face Protection Shield

Protective & Effective Protection Shield:

Even as a bicycle wind deflector, the smartly conceived product you can use easily. With its thoughtful design, the device can efficiently block dust and kitchen odors while safeguarding the mouth, nose, and eyes during any indoor or outdoor activity. In addition to providing a broad field of vision, the transparent PVC face shield guarantees protection from splashes, dust, and flying debris.

Face Protection Shield

Curvy Design Face Protection Shield:

The protection shield's curved design is near the chin, and the vent design at the bottom of the chin makes it comfortable to wear. Three distinct colors are present.

Washable & Reusable:

The devices are simple to install and operate, lightweight and portable, and comfortable to wear on the head. As our products do not cause fogging of the lens, wearing glasses is also an option. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and you can easily carry it around.

Comfortable & Lightweight:

Perfect for extended wear. The shields fully enclose the lips, nose, and eyes and provide 180-degree protection. In addition, It prevents Saliva and other undesired droplets.

Widely Used: 

Complete Full-face Shield is clear.
You can Store it in your car, at work, at home, or in your backpack.

However, To safeguard your health, use it outside, in the kitchen, and the workplace.

Special Features -

  • Transparent and Anti-Fog
  • Protective Barrier
  • Adjustable Head Cover
  • Easy to Clean and Reusable:
  • Full-Face Coverage

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Works great but

I have been wearing this for various jobs - dismantling an old shed involving quite a bit of pry-bar use, hammering, splintering wood, and a rotary saw. I have also been wire-brushing old steel wheels (with power tools).


Not only does this protect you, but it allows my husband to go out on extreme cold days ( it prevents the cold blast in his windpipe when on his mobility scooter as on permanent oxygen) this is a heavenly product thank you so much, and it truly is fog free

Kyle M.
Good for the money

This feel decently sturdy for the money and light enough to take on and off multiple times.
Glass is clear & was easy to assemble.

Great eye protection

I required eye protection for when I used the chop and table saws. This is ideal. It is lightweight, and when not in use, the face screen pulls up and stays in place. The band is simple to wrap around the head. I use this all the time these days.

Best Safety Mask

Brilliant bit of kit, the ingenious fastening/loosening dial at the back is worth the price alone. View is crystal clear with no distortion etc.