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Fitted Car Mats UK - 4pcs Heavy Duty Universal Black Rubber Car Mat Set Non Slip Car Van Mats UK

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About Fitted Car Mats UK

The fitted car mats UK set combines black carpet and rubber to provide durability and protection. The carpeted area adds a touch of comfort, while the rubberized backing ensures the mats stay in place and do not slip.

Universal Fitted Car Mats UK:

The mats are designed to have a universal fit, meaning they can fit most car models and van types. However, it's always a good idea to check the dimensions and compatibility with your specific vehicle before purchasing.

Fitted Car Mats UK

Heavy-Duty Construction Fitted Car Mats UK:

These fitted car mats uk are built to withstand heavy use and provide long-lasting protection. The materials used are often resistant to wear, tear, and staining, ensuring they can handle daily wear and tear.

Non-slip Design:

The rubber backing of these fitted car mats uk helps keep them securely in place, preventing them from sliding around while you're driving. This feature is essential for maintaining safety and ensuring the mats don't interfere with the pedals or hinder your control of the vehicle.

Easy to Clean:

The combination of black carpet and rubber allows for easy cleaning. You can typically vacuum or shake off loose dirt and debris, and for more stubborn stains or spills, you can use a carpet cleaner or wipe the mats with a damp cloth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joyce Tucker
Excellent Mats at a great price!

These vehicle mats are great and reasonably priced. I went to Autozone, and their mats were significantly more expensive. Excellent fit and quality!

Very sturdy mats

Good quality car mats. Better than cloth mats as easy to wash down when they get muddy

Fenil Johnson Mathew

These mats are very good, looks hard wearing and fits the car perfect and very good price