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Halfords Car Boot Organiser - Heavy Duty Collapsible Foldable Tidy Pocket Storage

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About Halfords Car Boot Organiser

After use, The Halfords car boot organiser is easy to store and can be transported from the house to the car using the carry handles that are included.

Easy to Use and Install

Simply spread out the organizer and fill it with whatever you desire.

While you're driving, the organizer won't move and will remain in place. Due to its exceptional construction, it stays in place even when empty, but feel free to effortlessly collapse it and stow it in the trunk when not in use.

Car Boot Organiser

High-quality | Multipurpose Design

Three spacious sections in this car boot organizer allow you to store a variety of items, including tools, groceries, sporting goods, cleaning supplies, toys for kids and pets, snacks, and electrical devices.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I went to grand pa's place last week. Came back with lots of goods. I needed to purchase this to keep my items inside car. Very instant. helped me with my items. It was a great help. organizer was big enough too but not uncomfortable in size

Compact and tidy

I really appreciate this because it's big enough to contain emergency supplies like a little air compressor in the car. competent planner. The dimensions are accurate.

Oscar Lugo
Good for the money

Actually a little larger than anticipated, but it can be folded down to two pockets if you don't need all three. I use one of the three compartments for first aid supplies, another for water, and the third for shopping bags and other automobile accessories like a tire pump. The base is somewhat weak, so use caution if you lift it out of the boot with stuff inside, which is the only complaint I have.