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HQ Symphony Beach iii 1.3 - Rainbow Kites for the Beach Power Kites Ready to Fly Outdoor

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About HQ Symphony Beach iii 1.3

The HQ Symphony Beach iii 1.3  is a power kite designed for outdoor recreational use. You must keep one for the beach and outdoor picnic or any sort of vacation. Very entertaining and active equipment for the outing.  A must-have item for you and your family.

Key Features Of HQ Symphony Beach iii 1.3

Power Kite:

The Symphony Beach III is a wind-powered kite that generates lift and pull. 

HQ Kite

Rainbow Design HQ Symphony Beach iii 1.3:

The kite's rainbow design adds a lively and colorful aesthetic appeal while flying in the sky.

Outdoor Use and Wind Range:

This power kite is intended for outdoor use and requires open places with enough wind to fly effectively. 

Safety Considerations: 

As with any power kite, it is critical to take safety precautions and practice responsible kite flying. 

Remember to always fly the kite responsibly, follow safety guidelines, and respect local regulations regarding kite flying. With proper care and maintenance, the HQ Power Kite Symphony Beach III 1.3M Rainbow Ready to Fly Outdoor Package can provide hours of enjoyment and excitement in the great outdoors.


  • A fantastic entry-level sports kite.
  • Fast, steady, and smooth.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Ripstop Polyester.
  • Ready to fly straight out of the Bag.
  • Compact & portable.
  • Tough & durable.

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