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Portable Hair Washing Basin
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Inflatable Shampoo Basin
Hair Washing Basin
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Inflatable Hair Washing Basin - Portable Shampoo Basin

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About Inflatable Hair Washing Basin 

A portable and simple-to-use tool called an inflatable hair washing basin enables you to wash your hair in bed or any other place without a sink. It is constructed of long-lasting vinyl and is developed with comfort and support in mind.

The basin comes with a pump and hose for simple inflation and deflation and includes an integrated drainage hole to prevent water from building up. 

Benefits of  Inflatable Hair Washing Basin

Portable & Inflatable:

You can easily wash your hair while in bed with this shampoo bowl's quick inflation and deflation capabilities. Deflate and fold into a small shape for storage in a drawer. when not in use, which is very practical and saves room.

Inflatable Hair Washing Basin

Durable Inflatable Sink:

Strong PVC Material is used to make the sturdy inflatable wash basin. Its smooth surface makes cleaning simple and stain-free.

Double Layer Design:

Effectively prevent water splashing out when washing hair with a double-layered design. That also offers better neck and head support. A long drain hose was included in the package to allow for quick drainage after use.

Hair Washing Basin:

With this portable hair-washing sink, patients and family members who are elderly or disabled can take care of their hair. If you want to take it, you can use this inflatable shampoo bowl at home or somewhere else.

Healthy individuals who want to have a spa experience at home can also use it.

Features of Inflatable Hair Washing Basin:

  • The durable, portable basin for outdoor activities.
  • Designed to provide portable hair and washing options.
  • Allows for assisted hair washing while lying in bed. making it especially suitable for people with limited mobility and perfect for camping.
  • Easily transportable and comfortable hair washing. Recessed neck for user comfort.

The Inflatable Hair Washing Basin is a useful and flexible equipment. That makes washing your hair easier for those who have trouble moving around, bedridden people, and anybody else looking for a practical solution.

It is a useful addition to routines for home care. Because of its portable shape, excellent neck support, and simple water drainage. With the Inflatable Hair Washing Basin. You may put an end to the inconvenience of conventional hair-washing techniques and adopt a more convenient and comfortable strategy.

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