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Drying Towels for Car
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Microfiber Towel for Car - 10 X Large Microfibre Cleaning Auto Car Detailing Soft Cloths Wash Towel Duster

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About Microfiber Towel for Car 

Ultra Soft Scratch-free Cleaning Clothes:

Microfiber towel for car with a high level of softness and absorbency, are ideal for delicate surfaces such as windows, kitchenware, and automobiles.

Tackle Any Cleaning Jobs:

Our premium microfiber towel for car is a perfect size (40x40 cm) to remove oil and debris from sink taps, oven tops, pots, and pans. Additionally, they work wonders at cleaning surfaces to remove finger smudges from glass and cutlery. Keeping your house pristine and sparkling.

Microfiber Towel for Car

Reusable and Long-lasting Microfiber Towel for Car:

Our 40x40cm microfiber cleaning cloths are large enough to fit in your hand even when folded. They are made to last so they may be washed frequently without losing quality thanks to their superior stitching and reinforced edges. 

They have a seven-fold capacity to absorb water!

Use & Care:

After use, always keep it dry. Hand or machine wash in water that is less than 40°C, keeping other things apart. Avoid using bleach and fabric softener. Never iron. Low tumble dry. If you require any help with the product or with after-sale support, do get in touch with us.

We can offer guidance and assistance!

Reusable & Long-lasting:

These microfiber towel for car are strong and long-lasting, designed to withstand hundreds of washings. They have reinforced edges to avoid unraveling and excellent stitching. Use them every day to enjoy your cleaning because they are lightweight, incredibly absorbent, and dry rapidly.

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Customer Reviews

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Microfiber cloths

Arrived before time and great value. Easy clean ready to use again.

Oscar Vieira
Cleaning Perfection in Every Detail!

These towels are not only perfect for washing and drying, but they also excel at polishing and buffing, leaving my car looking showroom-ready. If you're a perfectionist when it comes to car detailing, these microfiber towels are an absolute must-have!

A Must-Have for Car Enthusiasts!

These towels are perfect for wiping away dust, dirt, and smudges, leaving my car looking spotless and shiny.

Microfiber cloths

arrived early and at a good price. Simple to clean and ready for reuse.


I'd give these 5 stars if I hadn't only used them twice and washed them once. I do automobile detailing, and these are fantastic! The price on these is unbeatable. They appear to be of high quality. I'm hoping they endure at least a hundred washes!