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Most Powerful Water Gun Uk - FOSUBOO Water Guns, 4 Pack Water Pistols for Kids

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A recreational water cannon that shoots water with more force, range, and precision than standard squirt pistols using manually pressurized air.

About Most Powerful Water Gun Uk

4  Water Guns - Four different-colored water cannons were included in the package. The size of a single water pistol is 17.7 x 12 cm. Its small size makes it the ideal outdoor summer toy for children and adults. Have a fun water fight at the beach, in the yard, or in the pool!

Massive Capacity and Long Range: Water can be shot up to 20–16 feet away. Each squirt gun has a good water-holding capacity. The squirt water gun is a good size for kids to hold. Kids will have a lot of fun using airbrushes with interesting looks and vibrant colors.

Simple to Fill with Water and Fire: Simply remove the cap from the water gun, add water, and then fire water by pulling the trigger. Avoid shooting water directly at the face or eyes!

Secure and Reliable Water Gun:  The most powerful water gun uk is manufactured of premium ABS, is non-toxic, and complies with toy quality standards. The water gun is appropriate for use by both children and adults at any summer event or kid's pool party because it has a leak-proof design.

Most Powerful Water Gun Uk

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Product Features

Uses: Children may gather their friends for a water fight in the garden, yard, swimming pool, etc. This set includes four packs of little water pistols. Enjoy the water and have a pleasant summer.

Size: Due to its small size, which is 18.2*4.3*12.7 cm (7.16*1.69*5 inch), parents won't have to worry about their children getting wounded.

Age limit: Boys and girls older than 3 years old can operate the water pistols with ease. Each water pistol has a 90-cc water capacity and can shoot water up to 6 meters.

Good design: Kids are interested in the lightweight and adorable design; pull the trigger, and they will engage in a humorous outdoor water fight.

Outside fun: Kids are interested in the lightweight and adorable design; pull the trigger, and they will engage in a humorous outdoor water fight.

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Customer Reviews

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My Kid likes this guns very much. He uses these guns for playing with his friends . Just fill water, close the lid and use it . Will recommend.