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Over Bed Table UK - Deluxe Twin Top Over Bed or Chair Table Adjustable Height and Angle Mobility Aid

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About Over Bed Table UK

Millions of people around the world have come to rely on the Homecraft brand, which was created with you in mind and is recommended by occupational and physical therapists for independent everyday living. Homecraft is a top provider of daily living assistance for people at home as well as for patients in nursing homes and facilities for assisted living. For everyday tasks including eating, dressing, bathing, and using the restroom, Homecraft offers a wide selection of straightforward and useful tools. You will find it simpler to eat, prepare meals, bathe, shower, dress, satisfy hygiene needs, manage medications, and much more with the support of the Homecraft brand. Using our whole line of goods, you may regain your freedom regardless of your lifestyle or ability.

Top Selling Tilting Over Bed Table UK:

Doctors advise using this bedside table in a hospital or at home.

Long Lasting and Safe:

Over bed table uk is made of heavy gauge steel construction that has been powder coated, and swivel casters that have a locking mechanism. supports carrying out daily tasks (such as eating, drinking, and reading in bed). Allows for use as a wheelchair table when lowered.

For more comfort and flexibility for disabled, handicapped people, or anyone with physical limitations or injuries, tilt-tops allow infinite positions in either direction.

Bed Table

Dual Tilt:

A two-piece bedside table that can tilt by turning the control knob over the bed. For storing drinks, snacks, glasses, and small electrical gadgets, a stationary compact section is appropriate.

Height Adjustable:

A simple and user-friendly height adjustment feature allows for raising the tabletop.

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Villianueva
I love this table.

It was too tough for the elderly with little movement, so I had to enlist family to put it together. Husband is thrilled that he can comfortably read and watch iPad in bed.