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Water Air Cooler Fan- Evaporative Ice Cold Cooling Air Conditioner Humidifier

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About This Item:

A Water Air Cooler Fan with evaporative cooling and humidifying functions is a device designed to provide cool and refreshing air. Your companion during summer to comport you. Carry it with you while traveling or if you are outdoor for a picnic. Your one-stop solution to summer heat problems


  • Air outlet drops 25 degree
  • Third gear spray
  • Third gear wind speed
  • Colorful lights
  • One-click timing

Key Features Water Air Cooler Fan:

7 Colors & Low Noise:
This Water Air Cooler Fan has a 7-color LED light design that creates soothing, ambient lighting. So, enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with changeable colored lights.

3-in-1 Functionality:
Combining a fan, air chiller, and humidifier into a single small machine. If you require cooler air, additional moisture, or just air circulation, this multifunctional device has you covered. Moreover, with its multifunctional properties it can combat heat and dryness.

3 Wind Speeds & 3 Spray Modes:
Three wind speed settings and three spray types allow you to adjust the airflow and spraying intensities. Therefore, customize the cooling sensation to your liking for optimal comfort.

Personal Air Cooling System:
This all-in-one air cooler, blower, and humidifier provides customizable climate control.  In addition, Create your own wonderfully chilled and well-ventilated area to escape the summer heat thanks to its excellent chilling capacity.

7 Soothing Colors:
The seven tranquil color combinations provide a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for unwinding on warm evenings in the living room or bedroom. Therefore, you can change the colors as per your mood.

Ultra-Quiet Operation:
This unit's whisper-quiet operation in a serene, cool environment allows you to sleep well all night.

Portable Air Cooler Fan

USB Powered & Energy Efficient:
Connect the USB connection to any powered USB port for simple operation.  In addition, its low energy use makes it both environmentally friendly and economically effective.

Compact & Portable:
This air cooler's sleek, lightweight design makes it easy to transport to any location, including the house, business, and campsite. Stay refreshed while on the go.

Large 600ml Tank:
The large water tank may be filled with ice to provide hours of continuous cold misting. Enjoy long-term comfort from the heat.


However, this item is something that you can rely on during the heat waves and hot weather. This device will definitely be a win win item as a purchase.

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