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Portable Rechargeable Fan - Mini Hand-held Fan Folding Desk Fan Cooler Cooling USB Rechargeable Fan

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About Portable Rechargeable Fan

It is an adorable Portable Rechargeable Fan with a beautiful texture and elegant curves that give it a premium appearance.

A perfect present for fashionable boys, girls, adults, women, and kids.  Therefore, you can easily fold it which makes it travel-friendly. Very convenient and easy. A thing to have for everyone.

Mini Fan


  • Wireless Rechargeable
  • Multifunctional Fan
  • Enjoy Cooling Anywhere
  • Wind Speed Adjustable
  • Handlemated Portable Fan
  • USB Rechargeable

General Features Portable Rechargeable Fan

Powerful Wind & 3-Speed Setting:  

The built-in brushless motors in this Portable Rechargeable Fan are strong enough to steadily propel the fan blades at high speeds, producing a lot of wind.

With just a touch of the power button, you can choose between the hand fan's three adjustable wind speeds: low (3,500 rpm), medium (4,500 rpm), and high (7,500 rpm).  In addition, the breeze is powerful enough to swiftly cool you down. 

Rechargeable Battery:

The personal fan features an updated rechargeable battery that lasts longer and keeps it properly charged.

Therefore, It also comes with a charging cord, and you can use the USB connector to charge it from a computer, ordinary outlet, or other device. 


Handheld Fans or Desktop Fans:

When attached to a power source, handheld andrechargeable fan can operate steadily and continually. It may be converted into a standard desk fan by inserting the base (included). In 2.5 hours, a complete change occurs. 

Small Size: Portable Rechargeable Fan

Measuring only 21.5*10.5*4 cm, this adorable little fan is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse when not in use. It's the ideal summertime companion to keep you cool whether you're traveling, standing in a queue, or working out. 

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