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Sock Aids For Disabled - Sock Wearing Aid Easy Put on and Off Dressing Mobility Disability Kit No Bend UK

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About Sock Aids For Disabled

Sock aids for disabled are Easy to put On and Off Dressing Mobility Disability Kit is a device that is applicable to make it easier and more autonomous for people with mobility or dexterity issues to put on and take off socks. It serves people in the UK specifically.

Key Features Of Sock Aids For Disabled:

Ease of Use: 

The sock aids for disabled are very easy to use and have a convenient contemporary design. It usually consists of a cradle made of cloth or plastic that holds the sock open so the foot can easily fit through it. This makes bending, stretching, or balancing excessively unnecessary when putting on or taking off socks.

stocking aids

Mobility and Disability Kit:

Because it is designed to assist those with physical disabilities or limited movement, the device is frequently referred to as a "Sock Aids For Disabled ". Individuals recovering from surgery or injuries, as well as individuals with illnesses like arthritis, back discomfort, and stiff joints, may find it particularly beneficial.

Comfort Grip Foam Handles:

For a firm and comfortable grip, 3 cm of foam cushioning is incorporated into each handle.

Slip-resistant Cuff:

The sock stays on the sock assist thanks to a broad, non-slip cuff.

Adjustable Cord Length:

The length of sock assist cables is 33". The button adjusters allow for easy length modifications.

Notable Features: - 

  • A tool to make putting on and taking off socks easier
  • Ideal for users who have limited mobility and suffer from injuries
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Supplied with a shoehorn

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
keith selway
great job well done

I know its a tired comment but this does exactly what you want it too. I am so impressed that an order for 2 more for my "ageing" sons in advance of their dottage!!!

Malcolm Ord
Excellent for compression socks

Easy to use and value for the money especially good for compression socks.

Mike D
Works great

I bought for my elderly father and it just amazing how he can put on his socks and shoes. Gives back to himself his ability to care for himself

Arneatha D Harrell
Very Helpful

Easy to use. Very helpful

Oklahoma Maid
I can wear socks again.

After several falls my knees only bend so far and it was very hard to get socks on. My toes are very crooked and that also makes it hard to get socks on. This is extremely helpful and socks go on much easier. I wish I had known about them sooner.