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Soft Neck Collar - Medium Soft Foam Neck Collar Cervical Whiplash/vertebrae Brace

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About This Item:

The Foam Cervical Collar reduces neck pain and discomfort by giving gentle support and stability to the head and neck. This collar is perfect for treating persistent neck pain, sports injuries, and whiplash. This support is made of 1" polyurethane foam and has a 100% cotton stockinette cover that feels good on your skin. This collar is easily adjustable and shaped for comfort. Wearing a foam cervical collar for persistent neck discomfort or after a neck injury provides good proprioceptive input by serving as a gentle reminder to avoid pain-causing head and neck motions.


  • Soft Foam, Comfortable Support
  • Helps support the neck and encourages safe recovery.
  • Helps to Restore Effective Mobility
  • Foam with Stockinette Covering
  • Velcro fasteners 

Key Features Of This Item:

Size and Adjustability: The neck collar is designed to fit individuals with a neck circumference ranging from 14 to 16 inches or 35 to 40 centimeters.

Soft Foam Construction: The neck collar is made from soft foam material, which provides cushioning and support to the neck area. The foam is usually covered with a breathable fabric to enhance comfort and prevent skin irritation.

Immobilization and Support: The primary purpose of the neck collar is to immobilize the neck and restrict movement.

Comfort and Fit: The soft foam material of the neck collar offers a balance between support and comfort.

Easy Application and Removal: The neck collar is typically easy to apply and remove, allowing for convenience and adjustability.

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