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Swimming Vest For Kids - Inflatable Children Swimming Floating Swim Aid Vest Life Jacket

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A swimming float, often referred to as a pool float or floaty, is a tool used by toddlers and other very young children who are starting to learn how to swim. As well as by adults who are exercising for therapeutic or training purposes. They employ these objects, which come in a variety of sizes and designs, to help them stay buoyant or have fun floating.

Why We Use Swimming Vest For Kids?


Easy-to-use full-front zipper for on and off. It fits the youngster like a jacket and encircles their torso, leaving their arms free for swimming. The vivid colors increase safety by giving parents or caregivers high visibility.

To Facilitate Swim Training:

Our kid's swim vest can provide children with greater freedom and confidence to play and swim by helping them float and maintain their balance in the water. Can be utilized by the lakeside, on boats, in swimming pools, and on beaches.

Proper Product:

In order to buy the proper goods for your child, please choose based on their height and weight when shopping! If there is a quality issue, we will offer you a free replacement service. Contacting our customer support team is always welcome.

Swimming Vest For Kids

Product Features

With Collar: Children's inflatable swim vest swimwear life jacket with collar Inflatable safety vest with supportive inflating collar.

Secure: Added security to let toddlers float well in the pool. 

Rapid-release Buckle: Two simple quick-release adjustable buckles make it simple to attach. There are 3 air chambers to increase security also.

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Size Information

S is appropriate for children 3-5 years old, 70–90 cm tall, and under 20 kg.

M is appropriate for children aged 4 to 9 who are between 30 and 110 centimeters tall.
L is appropriate for individuals aged 10 to 12 who are between 40 and 140 cm tall.

Customer Reviews

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Very safe

Price and safety are both excellent. I have a four-year-old who is afraid of water, and after some practice, we and my daughter gained confidence. I'll venture to say that if utilized properly and in good condition, I doubt any youngster will drown. Very good and reasonable pricing.