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Ultra Slim Vibration Plate - Vibration Machine Platform Body Shaper Exercise FitnessTrainer Plate

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About Ultra Slim Vibration Plate

A noiseless fitness program that will jumpstart your body’s change without bothering anyone at home thanks to an innovative silent vibration drive motor vibration machine.Large anti-slip surface for a fun and effective workout! Simply place yourself on the vibration plate and enjoy the most intense vibration fitness session you’ve ever had. Prepare to feel the heat!

Ultra Slim Vibration Plate

The Ultra Slim’s high-quality compact design makes it simple to set up and store at home. It’s even small and light enough to carry anywhere with you, ensuring that you never miss a workout. Vibration plate fitness and workout machine professionals produced diet and nutrition recommendations, resistance cables for extra intensity, and a sweat-resistant ergonomic remote control.

You’ll be spoiled for choice with Ultra Slim! Feel the 180 levels of speed on the vibration plate. 5 built-in programs will keep your muscles engaged and your workouts interesting, resulting in a full-body workout you’ll enjoy.

Features of Ultra Slim Vibration Plate:

  • Shape & tone your muscles with the latest in vibration plate technology
  • Love your body & your workout
  • Sleek & compact design
  • Fully loaded home fitness package
  • Fitness options you’ll use

Key Features:

Ultra Slim Massage Vibration Plate: The Ultra Slim vibration plate from can help you lose weight, gain muscle mass, and enhance your fitness. Ultra Slim is jam-packed with cutting-edge vibration technology for home usage, allowing you to enhance circulation, eliminate cellulite, and boost bone density all with just one plate.

  • Integrated Bluetooth Speaker:
  • Enhance Your Workout
  • Remote Control + LCD Display
  • 180 Levels + 5 Automatic Programs Built-In

Burn Fat & Lose Weight

  • Even simple fitness programs benefit from vibration.
  • Aids in weight loss by a large margin.
  • With improved fitness technologies, you may achieve your weight loss goals faster.

Increase Muscle Power

  • Muscles contract up to 50 times faster than other muscles.
  • Without the use of high-intensity workouts, you can see and feel significant results.
  • For a complete wellness program, full-body strength exercise is recommended.

Improves Your Core Strength

  • Vibration motivates everyone in the core to work harder.
  • Strengthen your back, abs, and hips.
  • Improve your balance and fall resistance by strengthening your foundation.

Enhance Toning & Shaping

  • Cellulite is combated through increased circulation.
  • Tighten up as you tone, and your muscles and skin will both benefit.
  • As you strengthen your core, your waist will shrink.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rorys 2gay
Vibrating my way to a six pack!

This ultra slim whole body vibration plate has come to define my fitness transformations.

Abs appearing via vibration

This slim vibration plate has quickly transformed my core. Simply standing, kneeling or lying on the compact platform while it vibrates at high speeds activates my abdominal muscles in ways that crunches cannot match.

Vibrating to visible abs!

This compact whole-body vibration plate has taken my transformation goals from a grind to a breeze. Simply standing, squatting, or lying on the ultra-slim platform while it vibrates at high speeds activates my muscles, burns calories, and improves circulation.

Mason U.
Fat melting vibrations!

This ultra-slim vibration plate has quickly become an indispensable part of my fitness routine. Standing, squatting, or lying on the platform while it vibrates rapidly activates my muscles and improves blood flow throughout my body.

Body transforming vibrations

This compact vibration plate has completely transformed my home workouts. Standing, squatting, or lying on the ultra-slim platform while it vibrates rapidly activates my muscles without added weight or resistance.