Does Neck Stretcher Work

Does Neck Stretcher Work

Neck Stretcher is equipment by which you can get treatment for neck pain. It helps to pull your head and it creates space between the bones in your neck. It also works on your spinal traction. It can be used by your healthcare provider or you can use it at home.

You can use it manually or you can use a neck stretcher device. The neck stretcher can reduce pressure and tension. It will relieve your pain from a variety of conditions and issues. Does Neck Stretcher Work or not? You can know here.

Neck Stretcher for 10 Minutes

Segments of the Spine

There are three main parts to your spine:

Cervical spine: Your neck is the cervical spine.

Thoracic spine: The thoracic spine is your upper back. It extends from the base of your neck to the bottom of your ribs.

Lumbar spine: Lower back, or lumbar spine.

How Does a Neck Stretcher work?

There have two types of neck stretchers:

  1. Manual Cervical Traction:

    Your trainer will hold your head in their hands and gentlypull it away from your body. It is known as manual cervical traction. Your trainer will help youin various directions or with varying degrees of neck flexion.

  2. Mechanicalcervical Traction: 

    In this traction, you will lie down, and your trainer will place a neck stretcher device around your head and neck. They all have a mechanism that applies gently. Even pulling on your head to free up space in your neck. Because the device doesn't require any exertion or physical effort.

What Are the Advantages of Cervical Traction?

Using a neck stretcher is very simple. It can help you to relieve any physical symptoms.  

The advantages are:

  • Decrease pain.
  • Reduced tension and feels relaxed in your neck muscles.
  • Make more flexible in your cervical spine more.

A neck stretcher works as physical therapy exercise. It increases the range of motion. 

Neck Stretcher


Whom Do You Need Cautious to Use a Neck Stretcher?

You shouldn't take enough pressure on your neck. It can harm.
Neck Stretcher is inappropriate for some people:

  • Pregnant.
  • Experience claustrophobia.
  • Who have neck surgery before?

If you have the following medical conditions, you need to be cautious to use a neck stretcher:

  • Aneurysms.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Osteomyelitis.
  • Spinal cord¬†tumors.

You need to be careful when you will use a neck stretcher at home for the first time. You need to be careful and follow all safety precautions.
The neck stretcher might not be effective for everyone, but you can perform it at home as your doctor advises. If he suggests you this product for your symptoms.

Never use a neck stretcher for any other head, neck, or spine treatment without first consulting your doctor. Because they’ll make suggestions regarding your particular needs.  

How Long to Use Traction and Does Neck Stretcher Work

Six sessions can be carried out each day. The best thing is to advise with a therapist on your physical needs. It is effective for a mild pulling sensation in your neck where you will experience less neck pain and less arm pain or tingling.

It is an easy and affordable way to treat your neck at home and feel relief from pain. 

The following are some varieties of neck stretchers:


An inflatable neck stretcher will help you to relieve your neck pain but it won’t be effective if you have anything else around your neck.

Static Hammocks:

Static hammocks are more effective, portable, and easy to use at home. It is restricted to users who don't like something around their necks.


Mechanical traction equipment is beneficial for therapists or health trainers. But it is expensive compared to the other options. 

Static Pillow: 

It has fewer intensity levels and the static neck pillow is incredibly simple to use.

What Does Neck Traction Do?

Strain is decreased by eliminating compression. Traction can help by lowering pressure and allowing essential nutrients. Arthritis and degeneration are known to change the structure and function.

Traction from the removal can ease tense neck muscles. Muscles can face bad posture, improper motion, and the effects of gravity. The neck stretcher can increase blood flow and weakens the muscles, causing other tissues like discs, joints, and tendons to take on more of the tasks. It also improves the tone and function of the smooth muscles.

Does Neck Stretcher Work or not I think you already have got the point? The neck stretcher can ease discomfort and improve flexibility. Injury to the cervical spine and neck can be avoided with a strong neck.  Long-term neck muscle training to lessen discomfort and boost neck muscle strength and range of motion.


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