nose clips for swimming

How To Wear Nose Clips for Swimming?

Nose Clip for Swimming

Swimming is one of the best practices that any person can have. It also one of the best forms of exercise practice.Most of the beggineers struggle how to wear Nose clip for swimming.

Swimming boosts your cardiovascular system, strengthens your muscle, keeps your health better, increases your flexibility as well as helps you boost your mood giving you a great sleep at night.

Often people who are beginners at swimming face difficulties while inhaling and exhaling; which sort of makes one feel scared as breathing issues can cause someone anxiety and never try swimming again! We will discuss how to ease this problem of breathing patterns and how to wear a nose clip for swimming.

nose clips for swimming

What Is a Nose Clip?

A nose clip is a simple and effective device that is designed to keep your nostrils closed to prevent water from entering your nostrils. It is made of plastic or wire covered with rubber or plastic.

As of being a beginner at swimming a nose clip is essential to make you breathe properly without a hassle. Most people suffer from breathing patterns when doing flip turns. Chlorine, a chemical that is used to disinfect pools, can cause inflammation in the lining of your nasal passages.

A nose clip will help to keep chlorine and other inflammations like bacteria and fungi to stay away from entering your nostrils. Now that we know what a nose clip is and why we need it we can now look for a brief explanation of how to wear a nose clip for swimming.

nose clips for swimming

How To Use a Nose Clip for Swimming?

  • Make your face wet before putting the nose clip on your face, especially if you are wearing makeup, the clip might as well fall off.  Washing your face with water helps your face to get moisturized and the nose clip sticks in properly and easily, without having to slip away.
  • Hold the nose clip upside down making it a ‘U’ shape, the bottom part of the clip should fit the bridge of the nose, making the two padded parts of the end hold up your nostrils together to prevent water from getting inside.
  • At first, you might as well feel uncomfortable wearing it, but slowly when you get used to it, you will know how easy it becomes for you to breathe through your mouth like a professional swimmer.    
  • If you suffer from sinus pain after swimming with a nose clip on, do use saline spray or other common methods to ease the pain.
    nose clips for swimming

If you are someone who is scared of nose clips falling off, buy a clip that has straps attached to it. Master your breathing with it, nose clip will help you have a good exhale when underwater during any flip turns. Now that you know how to use a nose clip for swimming, you don’t wait much and get one for yourself, we have it covered for you! 

Nose clips are essential and helpful for beginners as well as you can get out swimming goggles which are made for adults as well as children and help prevent chemicals from getting inside your eyes. You can also get our silicon which is a great fit for ears and nose. Professional waterproof swimming earplugs and nose clips are very secure silicon materials. 

Make your swimming journey safe and sound; enjoy your activity by mastering the breathing patterns by using a nose clip before you do your flip turns. Hope thew article helped you to know how to wear nose clips foe swimming.


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