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Summer Bank Holidays in August! UK Public Holidays

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In the United Kingdom and Ireland, a bank holiday is a public holiday when banks and many other businesses are closed during the day. Bank holidays are often so called because they are the days when banks are closed.  But days, when banks are closed, are not always bank holidays.

For example, Good Friday and Christmas Day are not bank holidays, they are holidays that are common law. The dates for the summer bank holidays in the UK are set out in statute or are proclaimed by royal decree.

The term "bank holiday" was coined by Sir John Lubbock. Who observed that there was a need to differentiate between two types of holidays. In England and Wales, an automatically observed public holiday is usually a bank holiday.. A number of differences apply to Scotland. For example, Easter Monday is not a public holiday, and although they share the same name. The summer bank holiday falls on the first Monday in August in Scotland and not the last elsewhere in Velicobritnia.

What Do People Do in Bank Holidays?

For many, summer vacation marks the end of summer. Some people travel or take short vacations on three weekends. For others, it's another opportunity to work in their garden or improve some homes. This street festival is best known for its hilarious costumes, dance, and music played by steel drum bands.

The festival has been held annually since 1965 and was initially organized by immigrants from the Caribbean, especially Trinidad to the United Kingdom. It began as a protest against racism, and the poor

 Bank Holiday

Working and living conditions they were suffering from. Today, Notting Hill Carnival is a multicultural festival that attracts more than 2 million people. In the past, there was a great deal of social unrest over this event, but in recent years things have subsided. Many organizations, shops, and schools are closed for the summer holidays. Shops may or may not be open, depending on local customs.

In Scotland, there are big regional differences where local conditions rather than national law determine whether an organization or business is closed for the day. Public transport often operates according to holiday timetables. This three-day weekend marks the end of the summer vacation season, so roads and public transport can be busy.

History of These Public Holidays? 

The Bank Holidays Act of 1871 was in effect for 100 years, during which several bank holidays were added, notably St Patrick's Day and the anniversary of the Battle of Boyne in Northern Ireland. It was repealed and replaced by the Banking and Financial Transactions Act of 1971. With the new legislation came several bank holiday changes that have made us who we are today.

In 1971, Whit Monday was moved to his last Monday in May. The August bank holiday was also postponed to the end of the month. Further changes in legislation in the years that followed could lead to the addition of even more public holidays, as was the case with the Queen's Platinum His Jubilee. We now have a complete list of public holidays in the UK and you can find the full list for 2022 here.

Bank holiday


What Are Public Holidays?

Holidays are usually declared by the government of the country. All public officials and banks generally observe this day as a public holiday. People who do not belong to these groups, such as those who work in the private sector, vary from country to country.

In any country, everyone usually enjoys the most important holidays such as Independence Day and Christmas. However, least important holidays may not be holidays for people in the commercial sector. Holidays are also known as national holidays or national holidays in some countries.

There are no holidays in the United States, only 11 federal holidays. These are known as federal holidays because the United States is a federal government. Most of these are also national holidays and are observed the following weekday if they fall on weekends.

The Constitution has a provision that allows the President to raise a holiday any day for which he has good reason to raise a holiday. However, there is no obligation to close the shop on such days. US President George Bush has declared 9/11 a national day of mourning to remember those killed in the terrorist attacks. Such days are not public holidays but may be considered national holidays.

Difference between Holidays and Holidays Taipei Lantern Festival is a public holiday in Taiwan Scotland observes public holidays and public holidays separately according to tradition and custom, but in all other countries of the United Kingdom, public holidays are usually public holidays.

Therefore, Glasgow Fair and Dundee Fortnight remain holidays, not Scottish holidays. In Ireland, the official language is a holiday, but it also refers to a bank holiday.

Bank Holiday


What is a Bank Holiday? 

A holiday, as the name suggests, is a day that represents paid leave for bank employees. The concept of the use of holidays originated in England in the early 19th century during the old Victorian era when the Bank of England instituted a public holiday of 34 days, separate from Saints' Day and other religious observances.

But that all changed when the Bank Holidays Act of 1871 reduced his bank holidays to four. However, cricket enthusiast Sir John Lubbock added a bank holiday provision on days when important cricket matches between different regions are scheduled.

A century later, in 1971, the Banking and Financial Transactions Act was passed, bank holidays were reset, and New Year's Day and May Day were added as official bank holidays.

In the UK, a document called the Royal Declaration is used to declare bank holidays each year. If that day falls on a weekend, it is a royal proclamation declaring that day is a bank holiday the following week. This means that even if the holidays overlap with the already declared holidays or weekends, the holidays will not be lost for years.

Interestingly, these days are called spare days. There are some differences between countries such as Scotland, where Easter Monday is not a bank holiday. Summer holidays are seen throughout the UK, with Scotland on the first Monday of August and England, Wales, and Northern Ireland on the last Monday of August. Banks are usually closed on all federal holidays in the United States, so they can also be considered bank holidays.

Relationship Between Public Holidays and Bank Holidays:

  • Most public holidays are also bank holidays.


 Other Names: 

  • Statutory holidays are also called public holidays and national holidays. In the United States, this is known as the federal holiday.¬†

 Bank holidays are known as public holidays everywhere. 



  • In the UK, not all Summer Bank holidays are public holidays, but bank holidays are treated as public holidays.¬†
  • If a holiday falls on a weekend, the next day of the week is considered a holiday.¬†
  • In the United States, public holidays are the same as bank holidays.
  • India has some bank holidays that are not public holidays.
Bank holiday

How Can Bank Bolidays be Changed?

Summer Bank holidays in the UK are changed by Royal Proclamation. If a legal holiday is about by the legislation, the Queen can proclaim that it'll be changed to a special day. If it's a legal holiday that's already made by proclamation every year, the Queen can simply proclaim it on a distinct day.

The Queen may also proclaim extra bank holidays, last worn out in 2012 to mark the jubilee.By convention, the Queen acts on the recommendation of Ministers.

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is that the section is liable for bank holidays. The change of the legal holiday was debated within the House of Commons on 18 June in an adjournment debate started by Derek Thomas MP.

While MPs expressed support for a legal holiday to mark VE Day, many raised concerns about the short notice and also the impact this might have for businesses and constituents. Others asked why the next extra-legally wasn't created.

Andrew Stephenson MP, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for BEIS, stated that while the Govt. Recognized there would be an impression on certain sectors, it estimated that the value would be low against this, he argued that creating a further national holiday would have a major economic impact.


A national holiday may be a business day during which financial institutions are closed. Summer Bank holidays in the UK are most relevant for physical branch locations because many online banking services still operate.


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