Why Does Snapping a Cooling Towel Work?

Why Does Snapping a Cooling Towel Work?

Cool Towel is a PPE specifically designed for hot weather work, designed to help workers regulate their body temperature to a comfortable level so they can work longer hours without the effects of heat stress. Once wet, it cools quickly if broken or shaken. Made with non-chemical and hypoallergenic materials. 

Instant cooling with Cool core technology Soak a towel, wring out excess and shake Great for all sports, outdoor and beach activities, pets, kids, and more. When the towel warms up, let it cool down Effective for up to 2 hours when wet Cooling lasts for the life of the product. In this article, we will know why do you snap a cooling towel.

Cooling Towel

How Do Cooling Towels Work?

Cooling towels sold as PPE is no different than those used by runners, cyclists, and hikers and serve the same purpose. Towels work by evaporative cooling. It takes heat away from your body, similar to sweating. Soak a towel in cold water and wring it out so that it does not drip. The towel is not only cool and comfortable, but the temperature difference between your body and the towel transfers heat from your body to the towel.

The drier the surrounding air, the faster the evaporation rate and the stronger the cooling effect, so the cooling effect is stronger in low to medium humidity environments. In a humid environment, the towel will absorb heat from your body, but since the air is saturated with moisture, the moisture in the towel will not evaporate, effectively keeping you warm. 

Therefore, the cooling effect is short-lived. In these environments, towels should be soaked in cold water more often to "recharge" the towels as they warm or dry. The towel also acts as a physical barrier against the sun, preventing the sun's rays from reaching and heating your skin.

For this reason, light-colored towels are better than darker ones as they absorb less radiation (heat). Towels with a high UPF are also preferred as they provide additional UV protection which is important for those who work outdoors for long periods.

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More Than Just Towels 

Cooling Towels are a common and easy option, but many other versions of this product include cooling bands, bandanas, and helmet pads that can be placed under your helmet for all-day cooling. These other types of products are the same. However, some wearing methods may be more convenient or practical for certain types of workers and conditions.

Risk of High Heat in the Workplace 

Working at high temperatures exposes employees to many hazards. One of which he has is a potentially life-threatening heat stroke. This condition occurs when the body is unable to regulate its own temperature and exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This leads to confusion, loss of consciousness, and seizures. Heatstroke is a medical emergency that can be fatal, and employees and employers cannot afford to ignore it. 

There are several other heat-related conditions common in hot workplaces. Heatstroke occurs when body temperature rises above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit and causes nausea, headache, dizziness, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Heat cramps, heat rashes, dehydration, and fatigue are common among employees who spend time outside in the hot sun or in hot kitchens, factories, and boiler rooms. These conditions are less severe but can cause serious illness, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating at work.

Use Cooling Towels and Wraps 

In addition to staying hydrated, using cooling towels at work can help reduce body temperature and prevent heatstroke and stroke. How do cooling towels work? Simply put, they are activated by water and use evaporation to draw water out of the body.

When using cooling towels, soak them in water for 2-3 minutes. Soak and squeeze well before use. Essentially, they act as artificial thermoregulatory when the body isn't regulating it, bringing it down to a safe level and preventing heatstroke and fatigue-related symptoms. 

Interestingly, the cooling wraps and towels are water-activated, but not wet, making them comfortable to wear all day long. The best of these products last 5+ hours and keep you cool between breaks. If you work outdoors, wear a cooling wrap around your neck during the hottest hours of the day to reduce the effects of heat stress, and combat fatigue, and help you focus comfortably during long shifts. 

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Because towels, use an evaporative process, they are susceptible to ambient temperature. To "recharge" the cooling power of a towel or wrap, lasso the damp towel in the air. Apply to the neck again. Most users can feel her 20-degree cooling effect on their skin.  Of course, these state-of-the-art coolants do more than cool at work. It's also a popular option for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, biking, and sports to play and watch as well as relax in your backyard on a hot summer's day.

Other Ways to Stay Cool

In addition to cooling towels and drinking plenty of water throughout the day, the worker is advised to keep direct sunlight away from the skin, seek shade, and use other PPE to relieve heat stress. You can also reduce your exposure to heat stroke.

Protect Workers

Protecting your employees from heatstroke is critical to allowing them to safely focus on their work. Combining heat stroke prevention with appropriate cooling work clothes can dramatically reduce the risk of heat stroke and death in the workplace.cooling towel


The Science of Why Do You Snap a Cooling Towel

One of the most frequently asked questions is how my cooling towel works. As the slogan says, whenever people receive a cooling towel from us, wet it, wring it out, shake it, the usual reaction is WOW! When My Cool Towel is wet, the moisture spreads throughout the fabric. 

The unique construction of our towels then allows moisture to circulate in conjunction with shaking the towel through the air, activating the towel, and triggering coordinated evaporation to keep the towel cool.

The cooling effect comes from the structure of the fabric itself, and cooling is chemical-free, so cooling performance does not wash out or degrade over time. This conversation explains why do you snap a cooling towel.

Product to Stay Cool This Summer

Portable Mist Fan 

Only cool breeze in hot summer. Thankfully, this can come in the form of a fan! The artificial air movement is just as good, especially with a spray of water to keep you cool. Recently, various companies have been making mist fans that can easily cool you down without much effort.

You can buy this portable misting fan on Amazon for just under $25. It includes a night light that illuminates you, has a cool fog, and is battery-operated! A small amount of water and a battery are all you need to maintain this coolant. cooling towel

Cooling Towel

If you work outside, you know firsthand how strong the hot summer sun can be. If you like gardening, fieldwork, and the outdoors, this is a must-buy product for this summer. This cooling towel is reusable in his 3-pack. Simply dip the towel in the water and the temperature will be adjusted so that the cool water is applied to your neck. 

It also absorbs sweat, allowing heat to be absorbed into the towel and turning it into cold water. It can be wrapped around your head or neck depending on your activity level. These will help keep you cool for hours depending on the temperature. It is a product to prevent heatstroke and to make outdoor exercise safe and enjoyable. 

Reusable Water Bottle 

When buying a reusable water bottle for the summer, it's important to buy one that's insulated so the water doesn't get hot. Especially when traveling or going to the beach or lake. This Buzio water bottle is my favorite. It keeps your water cold all day long! We also offer two different top options and a cleaning kit. A 40 oz water bottle is now only $20. 

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Cold Shower Towel 

Sometimes all you need is a portable cloth to clean your skin and dissipate heat. These cooling towels from Ulta donate proceeds to U.S. Veterans and are very clean. It contains menthol, an ingredient that helps cool mint gum, aloe, a common ingredient in sunburn recovery that moisturizes and refreshes, and jojoba, a moisturizing product that helps cool and refreshes skin. 

Cucumber Juice

Juice Sometimes water just isn't enough. Cucumbers are a great way to cool down when you crave something sweet in the heat. Garnished with cucumber and lime, this Santa Cruz Agua Fresca is the perfect way to stay hydrated.

In addition to helping you stay hydrated, this delicious drink reduces inflammation and blood pressure, improves sleep and vision, and tastes great! Preparation is becoming more and more important. Make sure you always have a spare bottle that’s why do you snap a cooling towel.

Keeps chilled for up to 3 hours, depending on the brand. Each towel comes in a plastic carrying case with reusable snap hooks so you can attach it to your bag or backpack and it proves why do you snap a cooling towel.


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