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The Power of Hand Grips: What Do Hand Grips Do?

The Power of Hand Grips


Grip strength enables people to function normally and go about their daily lives without difficulty. People with hand grip issues, on the other hand, have difficulty performing even simple tasks such as shaking hands or picking objects off the floor.

These may appear to be minor issues, but when one considers them, one realizes that they can have a significant impact on one's quality of life. Grip problems can occur in anyone due to arthritis, injury, genetics, or other factors. 

In today’s article, “Hand Grips: What do hand grips do?”, we are going to look at some key points regarding this. 

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Why Do We Need to Strengthen Our Hand Grip?

The strength of our hand grip is a crucial aspect of our daily lives, one that we often take for granted until we attempt to perform weightlifting exercises like deadlifts or pull-ups and notice our grip weakening and the bars slipping. Unfortunately, grip training is often overlooked, and a lack of strength in other areas is often blamed for the inability to perform certain weightlifting activities.

In addition to weightlifting and other strength training exercises, poor grip strength can also impact performance in sports such as golf, tennis, baseball, climbing, football, and wrestling, where it is essential to have a strong grip.

Grip strength also plays a role in many everyday activities, including turning door knobs, carrying groceries, cutting bread, and brushing teeth. Therefore, it's crucial to focus on improving grip strength through various exercises and training methods to enhance overall performance and quality of life. A lack of grip strength not only impairs our ability to perform tasks, but it also increases our risk of injury.

Let’s Dive: What Do Hand Grips Do? 

Eight Benefits of using a hand grip strengthener--

  1. You will have stronger hands if you perform hand grip exercises on a regular basis. So that you can have increased bone density and muscle strength.
  1. Pain resistance and endurance improve. As a result, you will be able to keep your workout gear for a longer period of time.
  1. This exercise not only improves finger strength but also strengthens the muscles in your wrists and forearms.
  1. If you suffer from a lot of stress or are easily irritated, this tool is ideal for you. It can serve as a stress reliever and can be taken with you wherever you go.
  1. As we age, our muscles, including those in our wrists and forearms, lose strength, and our bone density decreases. Nevertheless, you can mitigate the age-related decline that leads to weakened wrists in many elderly individuals by doing targeted exercises that strengthen your forearms and wrists. Arthritis symptoms are also less severe in people who have been doing grip strengthening exercises.
  1. The ability to manipulate your fingers is referred to as dexterity. By using a grip strengthener for exercise, you can enhance the strength of each of your fingers individually. Strengthening your digits in this way can be particularly advantageous for those who engage in activities like playing musical instruments, typing, hairdressing, and bricklaying.
  1. Strengthening your forearms, wrists, and grip can make numerous everyday activities much easier to perform. By training with grip exercises, you can carry groceries, hold a child, garden, and engage in various other activities with greater ease.
  1. If an injury hinders you from doing your regular exercise routine, a hand gripper can be a useful tool to get you back on track. Typically, hand grippers offer different levels of resistance, enabling you to start with a light resistance and gradually increase it as you gain strength and recuperate.
Power of Hand Grips

Types of Hand Grip

Nivia Foam Hand Grip

This hand grip is among the most widely-used ones available, featuring an ergonomic design that delivers optimal support while exercising. It has a wide back so you can train your wrists even if you're lifting heavy weights. The spring is long-lasting, and this small piece of fitness equipment is lightweight. As a result, it is a convenient option for purchasing for home workouts and even professional use.

Strauss adjustable hand grip strengthener

One of the most reputable names on the market for workout equipment is Strauss. One of the best features of this hand gripper is the ease with which you can adjust the intensity of your workout. It allows you to set the strength between 10 and 40, making it suitable for almost everyone, regardless of fitness level. This equipment is easy to use and can assist in the rehabilitation of wrist muscle pain. It can also be used for several hand grip exercises.

Aurion 1040 Adjustable Hand Grip

The Aurion 1040 Adjustable Hand Grip is similar in design and basic features to the Strauss hand gripper mentioned above. Its handles are designed to be comfortable and slip-resistant, even when you apply pressure. The grip is comfortable, and a knob allows you to adjust the tension easily according to your workout requirements. The body is made of plastic, so handle it with care and avoid applying excessive pressure.

Fitkit FK97002 Foam Hand Grip Pair

The Fitkit FK97002 Foam Hand Grip Pair features a comfortable rubber grip that won't slip during your workout, even with frequent use. The spring is durable and won't break, and because it lacks a complex mechanism, it's easy and comfortable to use. Besides fitness enthusiasts, it can also be used by anyone to exercise their wrists.

How to Use a Hand Gripper?

A hand gripper is a versatile tool that can be used in various ways. However, as a beginner, you should follow the below steps to make the most of your grip strengthening training equipment:

  1. Start by adjusting the resistance of the gripper to a comfortable level.
  1. Hold the bottom handle at a 45-degree angle in your palm, positioning the device just above the base of your thumb.
  1. Place the gripper so that your pinky finger can easily rest on the top handle's end.
  1. Position your pinky, ring, middle, and index fingers as low as possible on your top hand to enable you to squeeze the gripper with greater force.
  1. Place your fingers on the top handle as closely together as you can.
  1. Slowly squeeze the handles together until they meet.
  1. At the bottom, pause and contract your hands as hard as possible.
  1. Slowly and deliberately return to the starting position.

Types of Grip Training Exercises

To enhance your lower arm training, incorporate the following three types of grip exercises into your workout routine:

  1. Crush Grip: This grip is similar to a handshake, where the object being gripped rests against your palm and fingers. The most common type of gripping exercise is the crush grip.
  1. Pinch Grip: A pinch grip involves placing your fingers on one side of an object and your thumb on the other. Generally, an object lifted in a pinch grip should not touch your palm. Overloading your hands in a pinch grip can lead to cramping.
  1. Support Grip: A support grip involves holding something for an extended period. A farmer's walk is an example of a support grip exercise.

To enhance both your grip strength and endurance, include heavy, short, and explosive grip exercises in your workout routine, along with a combination of the three grip types mentioned above.

Wrapping Up

Integrating a hand gripper into your workout routine has several benefits, such as enhancing muscle strength, promoting better mental health, and improving daily functioning.

The most significant advantage of using a hand gripper in your daily routine is that it can be done without a set schedule. You can use it while enjoying your breakfast or watching TV.

Now that you have learned all about using a hand gripper from the article titled "The Power of Hand Grips: What do Hand Grips do?", it's time to apply your knowledge and put your skills to the test. Good luck!


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