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Air Bikes UK - Air Exercise Bike Cardio Machine Fitness

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About Air Bikes UK

A high-intensity cardio machine that combines the advantages of a bike, a rower, and an elliptical, the We R Sports AirUno air bikes UK. Therefore, it is an efficient way to lose weight, gain muscle, and enhance cardiovascular health.

As you pedal and row, the AirUno's robust fan blade design generates resistance. In addition, you will experience increasing resistance the more you row and pedal. Also,  this makes it an extremely difficult workout that can be adjusted to your level of fitness.

The specialty of  Air Bikes UK

Additionally, this equipment offers a supportive seat with height and before/after position adjustments. This enables you to settle into a pain-free position so that you can exercise without interruption.

Air Bikes UK

The Air Bikes UK has a built-in monitor that keeps track of your watts, RPM, speed, time, and distance traveled. Furthermore, you can use this information to monitor your progress and get inspired to work harder.

However, Anyone looking for a hard and successful aerobic workout should consider the AirUno. People who desire to increase their cardiovascular health and gain muscle can consider it as well.

Key Features -

  • System of sturdy fan blades
  • A cozy, adjustable seat
  • Convenient layout and built-in monitor 
  • 150 kg maximum user weight
  • Use a FREE heart rate monitor at home!
  • Wheels/Rollers with Chain Driven
  • Hefty Fan Blades with Height and Depth  seat adjustment

Benefits of Air Bikes UK

  • Helps to burn calories
  • Develops muscle
  • Enhances cardiovascular health 
  • Tests your level of fitness and tracks your progress
  • Encouraging you to work harder

The We R Sports AirUno Air Bikes UK is an absolute choice if you're searching for a high-intensity cardio machine that can help you burn calories, gain muscle, and enhance your cardiovascular health.

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Customer Reviews

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Extremely affordable and simple to put together. Because of the adjustable resistance, the exercise may achieve outstanding levels of intensity without causing too much strain on the user. This is a more than wonderful tool for a home gym. Product recommendation: