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About Air Hockey Mini Table

A neon air hockey mini table game is a retro-style toy and indoor game that offers hours of fun and entertainment. 

Key Features Of Air Hockey Mini Table

Game Setup:

 A neon hockey table game typically consists of a rectangular playing surface with a smooth, low-friction surface. The playing surface is usually illuminated with neon lights, which add a vibrant and visually appealing element to the game.

Air Hockey Tables


The objective of air hockey is to use a handheld paddle or striker to hit a lightweight puck into the opponent's goal. The table's air system generates a cushion of air, allowing the puck to glide smoothly across the playing surface. The player who scores the most goals within a specified time or reaches a certain score first is the winner.

Neon Lights Air Hockey Mini Table:

 The neon lights surrounding the playing surface add a retro and visually captivating element to the game. The lights enhance the overall experience and create an exciting atmosphere during gameplay.

Indoor Fun:

 Neon air hockey games are designed for indoor use, making them suitable for play in various indoor settings such as game rooms, family rooms, or recreational areas. They provide a source of entertainment and friendly competition for players of all ages.

Gifts and Collectibles: 

Neon air hockey sports table games can also make great gifts for game enthusiasts or collectors. They combine nostalgia and entertainment value, making them appealing to those who enjoy retro-style toys and games.

Features -

  • Family-Friendly Entertainment.

  • Scoring System.

  • Smooth Playing Surface.

  • Handheld Paddles/Strikers.

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