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Ankle Ball Toy - Foot Hula Hoop Skipping Rope | Jump Skip Ball Fun Outdoor Game

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About Ankle Ball Toy

Introducing the Ankle Ball Toy, the ultimate playtime companion that brings joy, excitement, and endless entertainment. This is both for children and adults alike. This innovative toy combines the thrill of a ball game with the challenge of coordination. It is perfect for improving balance, agility, and motor skills.

Features of Ankle Ball Toy:

Premium Quality: Made of PE materials of the highest quality, which are flexible and long-lasting for usage and play.

Simple to Play: Anyone may play with it and get some exercise, including children, adults, and even elderly people.

Flashing Lights: The ball at the end of the rope has a battery-free flashing light that sparkles when it makes contact with the ground while you play.  Therefore, this makes you stand out, especially at night.

Excellent Workmanship: A sponge is wrapped around the ring at the top of the rope to protect children's ankles.

Application: This ankle ball toy is great for outdoor play, a great way to get kids moving, and also a great method to help kids with their balance and coordination.

Notable Features:

  • Attractive
  • Engaging Play
  • Keeps your kid motivated and active. 
  • The Flashing light cheers the kids.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Daughter loves it!

Great toy to get your kid moving! Daughter loves it! Very well made and pretty sweet that it lights up as it’s spun.

Anne P
great toy

great toy

Liza D.
Cool toy for all ages

Although it was another gift for my ten-year-old, her seven- and eight-year-old cousins really adore it. My three-year-old loves to run about and play with it, and it's simple to put together.

Laura Rossi

Fun, but you must make sure the child is old enough to coordinate.

Sirio Fusetti
Brought back my childhood

Bought for my granddaughter
Couldn’t help to have a go myself
Brought back my childhood