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Anti Drowning Bracelet - Portable Lifesaving Anti-Drowning Bracelet Aid Inflatable Bladder Outdoor Swim

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About Anti Drowning Bracelet

Introduce yourself to the Portable Lifesaving Anti Drowning Bracelet, your essential swimming and water activity companion when swimming outside. With its inflated bladder, this innovative wristband can help prevent drowning incidents and offer security in a range of water environments. It was developed to provide additional defense.

Anti Drowning Bracelet

Features Of Anti Drowning Bracelet

  • 3 seconds of built-in liquid carbon dioxide to fill the airbag
  • Instantaneously filled with petrol, generating an incredible 125kg load capacity. Allowing you to calmly handle the unexpected fear reaction.
  • You receive accurate directions from the waterproof compass.
  • Swim, dive, surf, row, or fish while adjusting to the environment.
  •  Hydraulic carbon dioxide gas freezing 

Benefits of Anti Drowning Bracelet

Enhanced Safety:

The primary benefit of this bracelet is its potential to prevent drowning incidents by providing buoyancy and keeping the user's head above water during emergencies.

Peace of Mind:

Whether you're a strong swimmer or a beginner, having an anti drowning bracelet can offer an additional layer of confidence and security when participating in water activities.

Versatile Use Anti Drowning Bracelet:

This anti drowning bracelet is suitable for a wide range of water-based activities, including swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and more. It's particularly valuable for children and less experienced swimmers.

Rapid Response:

Automatic activation upon water contact ensures that the bracelet is ready to assist instantly, reducing the risk of panic and delayed response.

How To Use:

  • Remove the plastic cover, place and secure the petrol can, then screw it back on.
  • Wear it on your hand, and in case of an emergency, squeeze the trigger lever.
  • The airbag instantly inflates upon the trigger lever's opening.

Discover the peace of mind that comes with enhanced water safety by wearing the Portable Lifesaving Anti Drowning Bracelet Aid. While this device can be a valuable tool, it's important to note that nothing replaces proper water safety practices and supervision. Always exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines when engaging in water activities.

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I've tried it out and it seems to work great, but I need to know what size cartridges are required.