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Anti Fog Film - 2x Car Anti-fog Rainproof Sticker Side Mirror Window Protective Film Rain Shield

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About Anti Fog Film:

The Anti Fog Film, "2x Car Rainproof Sticker Side Mirror Window Protective Film Rain Shield" is a product designed to prevent fogging and provide rain protection for car side mirrors and windows.

Key Features :

Safety and Security: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, waterproof car window film can guarantee driving safety on wet days, provide safety and convenience, and address the issue of cloudy rearview mirror visibility.

anti fog for car

Rainproof and Protective: This decal or anti fog film also functions as a rain shields, keeping rain and water droplets off of the windows and side mirrors of cars. When it rains, they provide a hydrophobic surface that makes water bead up and roll off, increasing visibility.

Multi-function: With its protective film and single nano-adhesive layer, this rearview mirror film offers good transmittance, anti-glare, waterproof and rainproof. This tool gives you security, clear vision, and assistance in getting to your destination safely.

Easy To Apply: Make sure the rearview mirror is clean. Before applying, mist the rearview mirror with some water. First, remove the number 1 protective film and place it on the rearview mirror. Next, scrape the surface and remove the number 2 protective film.

Advanced Blind Spot Solution: Our specially designed automotive blindspot mirrors address blind spots by offering a broad, clear vision that is customized to drivers' demands without glaring.

Special Features of Anti Fog Film : 

  • Waterproof and anti-fog with good effect.
  • Nano-hydrophilic technology.
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Protective Film
  • Universal Fit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Safety First Seafarer

Boat navigation relied on visibility previously until this film's clarity in salty sea spray! No more worrying conditions will ground trips.

Eric Carter Eric Carter
Delivery Driving Dream

Parking brake fog made blind merging upon startup nightmare. Driving with amazing peripherals from treated windows now though feels safer than ever in damp climates whilst getting items where needed ASAP.

Respirator Revolution

Fieldwork left my fogged safety goggles pointless during downpours. anti-fog film fixed it though! Now I focus on tasks not wiping glasses endlessly, and productivity gained in unworkable past conditions thanks to this.

Toby Hull
Photographer's Pal

This miracle coating prevents that for crystal clear shots no matter exteriors conditions. Changes the car photography game for subtropical regions!

Blind Spot Buffering

Foggy mirrors during UK winters terrified me on roads - couldn't see to switch lanes safely! This film changed that - no more impaired vision even in soupy conditions.